500gb External Hard Drive

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Compare 4,353 prices from 79 stores.

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A useful device to expand your storage space or to use as a backup drive. A 500Gb external hard drive could roughly store a 100,000 songs, to give you an idea of how much space this is. Many brands produce this kind of external hard drive and it is a portable size as well. The price of this item is in the accessible ranges unless it is an SSD variant which costs substantially more.


A bit of easy expansion

One could easily expand their work storage space with a 500GB external hard drive. This external drive could also be used as a backup drive where all your important data can be saved. In case you lose a laptop or it crashes you'll still have a physical backup of the necessary data.

The size of a 500GB external hard drive is quite small, it can fit into the palm of your hand. Storing them safely can also be figured out with ease.


The common connection for such a hard drive is through a USB cable with various USB standards. The newer the standard the faster the transfer speeds.

Internal build variation

One can find a 500GB external hard drive in the older HDD format, as well as in the SSD format. The advantage of an SSD is that it is a lot faster with its transfer rates.

If you drop an HDD while it is spinning you are probably going to lose your data, in such cases, an SSD is more sturdy. If ruggedness is a specific requirement you can easily purchase an external hard drive which has a shockproof case to save you in such instances.

Both kinds have a life or an endurance rating. This rating is in very high numbers so this is not an immediate concern. Though eventually after the tens of thousands of cycles the drive can possibly go defunct.


There are a lot of brands that produce a 500GB external hard drive, the known ones include Western Digital, LaCie, Seagate, Samsung, ADATA and a few more. The price of this device is in the affordable ranges, the SSD variant however would cost more.

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WD My Passport Ultra - 5 TB External Hard Drive Rs. 46,500
WD | My Passport - 5 TB External Hard Drive Rs. 42,500
WD My Passport 5TB External Portable Hard Drive (… Rs. 36,299
Adata 5tb Hd710 Pro Usb 3.2 External Hard Drive W… Rs. 50,999
ADATA HD650 External Hard Drive – 4TB – Black Rs. 39,999
Seagate One Touch - 5TB USB 3.2 Gen (Security+Bac… Rs. 31,500
ADATA HD680 4TB External Hard Drive (Black and Rs. 37,000
ADATA HD650 - 4 TB Anti-Shock External Hard Drive Rs. 39,900
Seagate Expansion 4TB External Hard Drive – Rs. 32,990