Laptop Hard Disk 500Gb Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Laptop Hard Disk 500Gb in Pakistan is Rs. 72,000 and estimated average price is Rs. 72,000.


The hard disk inside a laptop is where the files are stored. There are two basic kinds of hard disks with a range of spatial variations. A 500GB hard disk can also be found. The price of a 500GB laptop hard disk depends on the specific type it is. Generally, a mid-range component to purchase, unless it is an SSD variant.


Laptop Hard Disk

File storage is done on a hard disk, this is called its memory as well. A laptop hard disk at 500GB can store a decent amount of information, roughly about 100,000 songs to give you an idea. There are two basic types of hard disks one can opt for.

Laptop Hard Disk Types

The older format of a hard disk is the HDD, this has a rotating disk on which the files are stored. This has to be spinning for it to be read or written on. The SSD on the other hand works based on electronic circuits similar to Flash Memory and is thus a lot faster.

If the SSD has support for a PCIe interface and can make use of NVMe protocols it will be even faster in performance.


Laptop hard disks at 500GB would be a mid-price range device. The SSD version of a 500GB laptop hard disk would be a lot more expensive.

Price List

Model Price
Hp 348 g3 corei7 6th Generation 08Gb ram 500Gb ha… Rs. 72,000
Hp 348 g3 corei7 6th Generation 08Gb ram 500Gb ha… Rs. 72,000
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