A4tech Bloody Mouse Pad

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Compare 9,171 prices from 143 stores.

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A4Tech Bloody mouse pads are available in various sizes as well as some that have lights built into their outer edges. The top layers are very smooth for enhanced glide and good tracking. The lower parts are made from a pliable rubber that keeps the mouse in one place on the table. A brand that is dedicated to gaming makes products that are optimised for performance. The price of Bloody's mousepad range is in the affordable bracket.


A4Tech Bloody Mouse Pad

Bloody is A4Tech's gaming wing, a label that produces all kinds of gaming accessories; this includes mouse pads.

The variety includes simple options as well as options that have RGB lights set around their outside edge so one can add some oomph to their gaming station. These ones have a micro-USB cable to power the lights and one of the models has a button on top of it so one can switch between the different light patterns.

The upper layer on A4Tech Bloody mouse pads is a super smooth cloth so there is as little friction as possible, providing one with the correct surface for their mouse. This top layer is even waterproof on some of the models. The base under is a pliable, soft rubber that does not slip, keeping one's pad in a fixed position for efficiency.

The sizes vary a lot too, there are standard sizes and then mouse pads that are a lot larger in case one needs an extended workspace for their mouse.

The design of A4Tech Bloody mouse pads is available in simple designs and also some that have graphics from the brand on them. The colour red is featured in trims and logos as it is the brand colour.


The price of A4Tech Bloody mouse pads is in the affordable range.

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A4tech Bloody RGB ESPORTS GAMING MOUSE ES7 Rs. 4,499
A4tech Bloody W70 Max RGB Gaming Mouse Rs. 5,799
A4tech Bloody V8M - XGlide Ulta Core 3 Gaming Mou… Rs. 2,800
A4tech Bloody X5 Max - Gaming Mouse Rs. 3,750
A4tech Bloody ES7 RGB Gaming Mouse Rs. 3,399
A4Tech FP20 Mouse Pad Rs. 999
A4tech Bloody Q81 Neon - XGlide Gaming Mouse Rs. 3,450
A4tech Bloody Light Strike Gaming Mouse (A70)-Mat… Rs. 5,555
A4Tech FP70 Mouse Pad Rs. 1,899
Bloody B-088s X-thin Gaming Mouse Pad - Non-slip … Rs. 1,949