Alpina Blender Price in Pakistan

The best price of Alpina Blender in Pakistan is Rs. 11,500 and estimated average price is Rs. 23,396.


Blenders are needed in every kitchen, they help reduce the workload by helping with some of the repetitive tasks. Alpina has a few different blenders one could choose from.


Alpina blenders come in a few different forms, one is the handheld version that is more manoeuvrable. The other is the countertop blender with a jug like fixture.

A handheld blender from Alpina can be used in pits and also in small containers to blend soups or to make sauces. It is also possible to use to whisk an egg or churn butter. There are fixtures and speed settings that are designed for different tasks.

Alpina's countertop blenders are larger, the jug that is fixed onto it can be used to make a milkshake or mix together ingredients before cooking. This blender also has a smaller container that can be used as a grinder for spices. Dry spices can be tough to mix manually and a blender makes this a lot easier. 

The countertop blender also has speed settings that one can use to execute their task how it needs to be done.

The price of Alpina blenders is in an affordable range, making for an appliance great in value as it has a lot of use.

Price List

Model Price
Alpina 7-in-1 Food Processor 500W (SF-4018) - ISP… Rs. 19,541
Alpina Meat Grinder 1000W (SF-4017) - ISPK-0009 Rs. 21,347
Alpina Glass Jar Blender + Grinder 500 W SF-1012 Rs. 17,334
Alpina Food Processor (SF-4010) - ISPK-0009 Rs. 22,281
Alpina Juicer Blender 5 in 1 (SF-3001) - ISPK-0009 Rs. 16,517
Alpina Blender with Grinder (SF-1012) - ISPK-0009 Rs. 17,598
Alpina Alpina Blender + Grinder + Ice crush 350W Rs. 11,500
Alpina Premium 20 in 1 Food Processor (SF-4000) -… Rs. 34,682
Alpina Smoothie Commercial Blender Black 2.5LTR (… Rs. 36,981
Alpina Multi Function Food Processor with blender… Rs. 23,896
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