Alpina Food Processor

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Compare 108 prices from 20 stores.

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Rs. 13500 - Rs. 63687


A food processor can help with repetitive food preparations by grinding and blending things. Alpina has a few different options and one can choose the kind that suits them. The prices are in the lower mid-range.


Alpina has a range of appliances that can be used in the kitchen, including food processors.

A food processor helps you get repetitive tasks done faster. It can help you chop, fine chop, grate, whisk, juice and emulsify. All this in on tool. With a lot of the options, one also gets the blender jug so you could make shakes and sauces as well.

The Alpina options come with attachments that help you execute the different tasks. There are different speed settings as well so one can achieve the exact kind of result they are looking for.

The price of Alpina food processors is in an affordable range.

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The best price of Alpina Food Processor in Pakistan is Rs. 13,500 and the estimated average price is Rs. 27,996.

Price List

Model Price
Anex Food Processor AG-1041 Rs. 18,700
Braun PurEase Food Processor FP 3235 SI Rs. 44,500
Anex 10-in-1 Food Processor AG-3150 Rs. 21,500
Braun 12-in-1 Food Processor (FP-3235) Rs. 50,000
Braun Food Processor FP-3132BK Rs. 28,500
Philips Food Processor HR7320 Rs. 40,000
Philips Food Processor HR-7510 Rs. 30,800
BRAUN Food Processor FP 3131 Rs. 34,000
Panasonic 9-in-1 Food Processor MK-F510 Rs. 35,000
Braun PureEase Food Processor (FP-3132-BK) Rs. 33,000
Philips Food Processor HR7320/00 Rs. 28,000
BRAUN Food Processor FP 3010 Rs. 41,990