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The best price of Apple Watch in Pakistan is Rs. 64,000 and estimated average price is Rs. 112,121.


Apple Inc. launched the Apple Smart Watch in a quest to enhance the use of the iPhone and to give its users a cool new feature to boast about. Apple classifies its smartwatches into six generations, based on their size, design, colour, technology, features etc. Check out Apple watch prices in Pakistan and read on for more information.

Pros & Cons


  • Apple Pay

  • The new series has an always-on display

  • You can get reminders on your Apple smartwatch

  • Excellent fitness and activity tracker as well as a record keeper

  • Aside from timekeeping, iWatch has similar functions as the iPhone


  • Only works with iPhone

  • Needs to be charged every day

  • Emits EMF Radiation that can be dangerous to the wearer's health


Things to Consider Before Buying

It is important to know before investing in an iWatch that it will never replace your iPhone, it is just an extension of it. The limited capabilities of the iWatch will make you pull out your phone again and again as the watch cannot be used as a speedy alternative of your phone. Secondly, the new series is not much different than the previous one as it comes with only a few updates that practically don't make much of a difference. So if you already have the Series 4, you can easily ignore the new one and wait till the next series comes out with worth burying upgrades.

Apple Watch Series 5

The 6th generation of iWatch was unveiled in September 2019, the Series 5. It comes with an always-on display that is an energy-saving LTPO OLED screen. Other upgrades include the addition of International Emergency Calling, that would enable emergency calls in over 150 countries. This series also comes with WatchOS6 software, an updated S5 processor, enhanced ambient sensor, doubled up storage to 32 GB, and the addition of the compass function. The watch also features the Cycle Tracking app for women with menstrual irregularities and couples who are trying to conceive. It enables the users to log important information related to their menstrual cycles and view predicted timing for their period and fertile windows. The iWatch features a new titanium model which comes in Space Black and White colours. 

Who is the iWatch For

It is for the users who like to wear fancy gadgets that not only tell them the time but can be used as an extension of their iPhones. Useful for fitness conscious people who want to track their physical activity or record their heart rate, stress level and calories burnt etc. 

What Does it Do

All series of iWatches run the watchOS and are capable of receiving notifications, messages, and phone calls via a paired iPhone. The iWatch features default apps that are capable of interacting with their iOS counterparts such as the Maps, Mail, Music, Wallet, Stocks, Reminders, Messages etc. It also features health-related apps that track the wearer's physical activity and send the information to the health apps on the iPhone for analysis and record keeping. 

Apple Smartwatch "Collections"

Based on combinations of cases, bands, and exclusive watch faces, Apple further divides its watches into five "collections", such as the 1st gen-present that offered only stainless steel bands. The Sport series (1st gen) came with aluminium cases and sport bands or woven nylon bands. Nike+ (Series 2-present) comes with aluminium cases and Nike sport bands or sport loops. The Apple Hermès (1st gen-present) uses stainless steel cases and Hermès leather watch bands (also included is an exclusive Hermès orange sport band). Edition (1st gen-Series 3) offered ceramic cases and various bands. The 1st generation Apple Watch Edition used 18 karat yellow or rose gold.

Price List

Model Price
Apple Watch Series 6 44mm Rs. 79,200
Apple Series 7 45 MM - Nike Black Rs. 80,990
Apple Watch SE 2nd Generation - 40mm (GPS) : Midn… Rs. 85,900
Apple Watch Series 7 (41mm, GPS, Starlight) Rs. 86,999
Apple Watch SE 2nd Generation - 44mm (GPS) : Star… Rs. 89,900
Apple Watch SE (40mm) Rs. 66,499
Apple watch Series 6 44mm Grey Rs. 82,950
Apple Watch Series 7 45mm Rs. 124,150
Apple Watch Series 5 MWWJ2 Rs. 150,000
Apple Watch Nike Series 7 Rs. 88,499
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