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The best price of Arabic Perfumes in Pakistan is Rs. 175 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,791.


Arabs are known for wearing the strongest perfumes in the world. They like to wear highly concentrated perfume oils or pure perfumes that are strong-smelling as well as long-lasting. These perfumes exude pure luxury and are all based on oud, jasmine, amber and musk as the basic notes. Read on for the all-time best selling Arabic Perfumes in the world that you can easily buy from our website.


Best Sellers

While Western perfumes may be more mainstream and easily accessible, Arabic fragrances last longer and are also quite strong in concentration. The longevity of the perfume also depends on how you wear it. To get the maximum out of a perfume, apply it to your pulse points like behind the ear, wrists and behind the knees. Here are some of the best selling Arabic perfumes and brands in the business.

1. Oud - The Perfume

It is one of the world's most expensive and oldest perfumes that is extracted from the oil of agarwood. Though there are various versions of Oud available, the original Oud perfume is a woody musk with top notes of oud wood, bergamot, rosewood, Chinese pepper and amber. The middle notes consist of cedar, galbanum and angelica root. Base notes are sandalwood and Indian oud. The oud is by far the most famous Arabic perfume in the world. 

2. Dahn Al Oudh Al Nuwayra by Ajmal Perfume

Ajmal Perfumery is a well known Dubai based perfume brand with roots in India. People opt for Ajmal for authentic Arabian perfumes for both men and women. Dahn Al Oudh Al Nuwayra is a unisex perfume by Ajmal. It carries Oudh as the main base and exudes an oriental feel. This is a well-known fact that Ajmal perfumery uses high-quality natural ingredients in curating its products. The quality is great as is the longevity of the perfumes. This is the reason for the brand's popularity that it now sells in over 30 different countries and has more than 150 retail outlets across the globe including Pakistan.

3. Ehsas by Al Haramain Perfumes

Al Haramain Perfume House was created in the 1970s in the Middle East. It is a global brand today with its branches all over the world. Ehsas is one of the best-sellers by Al Haramain and is a unisex perfume. The main notes include ambergris, rose, musk, woody notes, spices, citrus fruits, white blossoms. The perfume dries down to sandalwood, moss, tonka bean and guaiac wood notes. Ehsas is a strong-smelling oriental perfume with a lasting sillage.

4. Ward Taifi by Surrati Perfumes

Surrati is the pioneer of non-alcoholic French perfumes in the Arab world and was created as the first perfume factory in KSA. The brand is known for housing one of the widest collections of Arabic perfumes and is also a global exporter of luxury perfumes. Ward Taifi is amongst the best selling perfumes by Surrati. It exudes freshness and transports you to the city of roses also known as Taif in Saudi Arabia. The city is known for its exotic rose cultivation like the Taif Rose that bears similarities with the western Damask Rose. They both have a rich and potent fragrance and have the same properties. Surrati also has the largest Ward Al Taifi plantation and production facility in Al Taif Al Hada.

Arabian Bukhoor 

Apart from personal perfumes, there are also Arabic perfumes for the ambience. They come under the category of Bukhoor. It is a scented block or piece that is placed in an incense burner or diffuser to release the perfume through burning it on charcoal. It releases a rich thick smoke that scents the entire house while lifting up one's mood. This is the Arab version of an air freshener but much more lasting and strong. Bakhoor is also used for aromatherapy.

There are also low-cost synthetic versions available of the top-selling Arabic perfumes. Their price may be way lower than the original perfume but the quality is far inferior. Synthetic variants also do not have the lingering sillage and warmth of the original formula and smell more on the woody and leathery side. 

Price List

Model Price
Tribute Najdia Arabic Perfume 100ml By Lattafa Rs. 2,829
Al Haramain - Musk Arabic Ittar Perfume For Men 1… Rs. 1,809
Lattafa Rouat Al Musk Arabic Perfume - 100ml Rs. 3,289
Gucci For Men Rs. 600
Poison Women Rs. 500
Gucci Guilty Women Rs. 600
Lattafa Al Fen Al Arabi Gold Arabic Perfume - 100… Rs. 3,500
Oud Wood Rs. 1,500
Al Haramain Hajar Arabic Perfume Attar For Unisex… Rs. 1,095
Amber Rs. 1,600
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