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Frequent power outages and low voltage are a common problem all around Pakistan. The long hours without electricity get highly inconvenient especially in the summers and people need to have a power backup. For this reason, generators and more commonly UPS are in high demand for a quick solution to long hours of load shedding in the country. Aurora UPS and Inverters are capable of providing power to the whole house or workplace, but they can power heavy electrical devices for a short duration only. Check out Aurora UPS price in Pakistan and its pros and cons on this page.

Pros & Cons


  • Compact

  • Fully automatic

  • Silent operation

  • Smart LCD Display

  • Cheaper than generators

  • Built-in 12/20 Amp supercharger


  • Limited backup

  • Not for running heavy appliances


Best Aurora UPS Models in Pakistan

Aurora UPS 5500W, Aurora 1320W PG-AR20, Aurora UPS Intelligent Pure Sine-Wave Lcdar88 800w, Aurora 1440W AR2400 are some of the best UPS buy Aurora that you can buy online in Pakistan. These can be used as power backups for home and office use and can provide a backup of up to 3 hours. The UPS comes with a user-friendly digital LCD that displays all important system information. It can inform the user of the remaining battery, charging information, load and power-related information. In all, Aurora is considered one of the most affordable UPS companies in Pakistan.

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