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Compare 62 prices from 5 stores.

Compare 62 prices from 5 stores.

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Rs. 720 - Rs. 20999


A badminton net is lightweight, portable and easy to set up without any prior experience. It is 5 feet and 1 inch high that can also be used for volleyball and tennis. According to the rules, 17 feet wide is for singles and 20 feet is used for doubles while using a badminton net. The whole family can enjoy playing with a badminton net, it can be played in an indoor and outdoor setting.


Special Features

The badminton net set can include all the essential items needed to play the sport anywhere and anytime. This is a four-person activity that requires rackets and shuttlecocks that are used instead of balls. The badminton net is light and easy to carry usually sold with a carry case and standing poles to hold the net steady. Pitching a badminton net will take only a few minutes and can be done safely by any member of the family. They can be adjusted for height to suit young players that are shorter or higher for tall players. 


The durability of the net depends on the material used to create the ropes and edging of the net. If the net is made from heavy-duty nylon instead of cloth then it will last for years in any weather conditions. But cloth-based nets are used primarily for indoor settings. Nylon does not wear and tear easily and is meant to withstand harsh weather conditions such as rain and sunlight.  Higher price point standing poles used to hang the net are made from aluminium with a protective coating that makes it durable and able to withstand pressure. The cheaper alternative is using plastic or low-grade metal poles that must be handled with care as they break easily making the net useless.   


The best price of Badminton Net in Pakistan is Rs. 720 and the estimated average price is Rs. 5,797.

Price List

Model Price
Yonex Original Badminton Net (Standard Size and w… Rs. 10,995
Yonex Original Badminton Net (Standard Size and w… Rs. 9,995
Super Quality Badminton Rackets Pair With Net and… Rs. 8,543
Superior Quality Badminton Rackets Pair With Net … Rs. 4,657
Medium Quality Badminton Rackets Pair With Net an… Rs. 3,829
Medium Quality Gold Star Badminton Rackets Pair W… Rs. 3,829
High Quality Yonex Single Badminton Racket With N… Rs. 6,772
Yonex Orignal Badminton Nets Rs. 1,400
Pair Of Badminton Rackets With 6 Carlton Speed Ny… Rs. 1,099
Li Ning High Quality Badminton Racket Rs. 9,500