Ball Fiber Pillow Price in Pakistan

The best price of Ball Fiber Pillow in Pakistan is Rs. 999 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,710.


A pillow with a polyester filling is called a ball fiber pillow. These kinds of pilows have more bounce and stay puffed longer. There are variations in size and shapes that one can choose based on their needs. The price of ball fiber pillows is generally affordable.


You can purchase various kinds of pillows that have different fillings, one kind is the ball fibre pillow. These come in white and need a cover to be put on top, this way they stay clean longer as the top cover can be changed regularly.

Ball fiber pillows have a 100% polyester fiber as well as a hollow fiber blend, this provides a higher level of bounce back and is a long-lasting pillow. This means a ball fiber pillow will stay puffy for longer, providing one with a lofty feel to lay their head on.

The polyester material is generally good for people with allergies as it is non-allergic and a lot of times recycled material is used to make these ball fiber pillows.


There are various sizes of ball fiber pillows as well as shapes. The shapes vary between gao pillows, rectangles or squares. The rectangle pillows are for sleep and the square ones are used on sofas or even the bed as additional pillows.

One can find packs of ball fiber pillows that have 2 to 6 or more pillows. At times these pillows have various sizes so they can be used for different things.

These pillows can be washed in the machine, and washing two at a time is better as it balances out the spin of your washing machine. The price of ball fiber pillows is in the affordable range.

Price List

Model Price
Platinum Plus Pillow Ball Fiber Pillows Rs. 2,200
Pack of 5kg Siliconized Ball Fiber Pillow Filling… Rs. 2,500
Beddys Studio- Pack Of 2 White Ball Fiber Comfort… Rs. 1,199
Pillow Decorative Bed Pillow Sleeping Pillow Ball… Rs. 1,799
Ball Fiber - Korean White Loose- Per Kg Rs. 2,699
Relaxsit Ball Fibre Pillow Hollow Fibre Pillow, S… Rs. 1,590
Ball Fiber - Korean White Loose- Per Kg Rs. 999
Beddys Studio- Ball Fiber Neck Roll Comfortable Rs. 1,500
Pack Of 5kg Siliconized Ball Fiber Pillow Filling… Rs. 2,500
Narmo Gudaz Siliconized Ball Fibre Pillow Korean … Rs. 999
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