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Compare 138 prices from 9 stores.

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Rs. 850 - Rs. 22500


Mats in the bathroom are meant to prevent slipping and provide great functionality as opposed to bath rugs. They are super absorbent and provide a non skid surface for you to stand on after stepping out of the shower or bath tub. Check out bath mats prices in Pakistan on this page and read on for more information.


The areas of the bathroom surrounding the bath tub and sink are the most prone to water damage. If not taken care of, the water can seep into the surface and damage the flooring. This can cause cracked floors, faded colour or floor staining. 

Placement & Size

Bath mats are typically placed at the entrance of the bathroom, outside a bath tub, around the sink and vanity. The standard size of a bath mat or rug for these placements are 20 in x 31 in for the sink, 22 inch x 34 inch for the bath tub and 24 inch x 40 inch for the vanity.

Material & Design

You can buy high quality bath mats at the best prices in Pakistan from this page. They are available in all kinds of designs, materials, shapes and colours. The most common and preferred material for bathroom mats is cotton. It is highly durable and absorbent and can be easily washed and also dries up quickly. Other popular choice of materials are cork, bamboo and memory foam that are great for wet environments as they don't allow water penetration. 

Tips & Comments

Bathroom mats need frequent cleaning, disinfecting and replacement. Whichever type you choose, steer clear of the fabric variety as it can accumulate bacteria and and are a breeding ground for fungi and molds. They need to be washed thoroughly and disinfected after every use while the wooden or plastic mats are more convenient. With just a little care, bamboo mats would last a lifetime but they are often prone to fungi and mildew. Cork is a great choice of material for bath mats as it does not let water penetrate making it anti fungal and resistant to moisture. 

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The best price of Bath Mats in Pakistan is Rs. 850 and the estimated average price is Rs. 3,627.

Price List

Model Price
Baby Flower Bath Mat For Tub | Washable & Non-sli… Rs. 4,849
Bath Mat Water Absorbent Non-Slip Rs. 899
Bathroom Bath Mat Non-Slip Carpet Rs. 899
Brooklyn Bath Mat Silver Grey Rs. 1,499
Bathroom Bath Matt Water Absorbent Leather | Bath… Rs. 1,899
Bathroom Bath Matt Water Absorbent Leather | Bath… Rs. 1,909
Bathroom Bath Matt Water Absorbent Leather | Bath… Rs. 1,995
Floor Bath Mat Absorbent Non-Slip-M Rs. 1,549
Floor Bath Mat Absorbent Non-Slip-N Rs. 1,549
1 Pc Of Anti Slip Silicone Bath Mat - Bathtub Sho… Rs. 999