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Compare 155 prices from 17 stores.

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An important everyday accessory, bath towels are used all over the world to dry oneself after a shower. There are a lot of different sizes, colours and designs available in bath towels. One can choose the bath towel they like based on its look and the budget they have in mind. Prices range from affordable to expensive.


Bath towels are used to dry the body after a shower. Towels in their modern form originate from Turkey, with the loops becoming a common feature in the 18th century.

Most bath towels are made with cotton as the material absorbs water well and is also soft to the touch. There are a lot of different sizes even for bath towels as some are for use at home others are slightly smaller making them easy to be packed for travel. As for designs and colour, there is an endless number of options. From block colours to patterns to cartoons and other art; one can find a bath towel of almost any kind.


Pakistan produces good bath towels as we are a large cotton producer and the textile industry is one of the main industrial sectors in the country. ChenOne is known for producing very high-quality bath towels.

The price of bath towels depends on the brand and size. One can often find a pack of two or even more available as sets. Some are nominal while the better options are expensive.

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The best price of Bath Towels in Pakistan is Rs. 1,599 and the estimated average price is Rs. 5,363.

Price List

Model Price
Rose Bamboo Towel Rs. 1,770
White Combed Towel Viscose 23W Rs. 1,650
Midnight Combed Towel Viscose Rs. 2,157
AW23-Silver Combed Towel Plain Rs. 1,650
Peanut Combed Towel Viscose Rs. 2,157
Lime 6PC Combed Towel Set 23 Rs. 4,740
Spring Combed Towel Viscose Rs. 2,157
Carrot Combed Towel Viscose Rs. 2,157
Arctic Jacquard Dyed Towel Rs. 2,040