Biometric Door Lock

Compare 35 prices from 3 stores.

Compare 35 prices from 3 stores.


Rs. 2200 - Rs. 65000


Making use of fingerprints, a biometric door lock lets users access the premises by scanning their print and entering a PIN number. There are many different versions and some are also smart locks, meaning they can be accessed over the WiFi network. The price of these kinds of door locks is high.


Biometric door lock

A biometric door lock lets you enter a premises without a key, this is useful for offices as it would require too many keys to be given out, which in itself would be a security risk.

Biometric door locks can scan and store fingerprints of the relevant people for usage later. Some also need you to enter a PIN code once it has scanned your print.

Certain biometric door locks also have an internal battery in case the power is out, this is a useful feature. Otherwise, some have a keyhole as well for such situations. In some cases, there is also a slot for a mini-USB so one could use their power bank in case the battery is also dead.


Today a lot of locks that have biometric abilities are also smart locks, meaning one could use their WiFi connection to unlock the door even if they are not in the house or office.

Biometric door locks are about as safe as locks with keys, there is no real marked difference at this point in technology.

The price of this kind of lock is generally high, given it is a door lock.

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The best price of Biometric Door Lock in Pakistan is Rs. 2,200 and the estimated average price is Rs. 11,877.

Price List

Model Price
Smart Lock Rs. 65,000
Knob Lock Rs. 4,500
Rim Lock Rs. 6,500
ZKTeco Finger Print Door Lock – Black Rs. 23,450
Rim Lock Rs. 2,800
Electric Lock Rs. 6,800
Passage Door Knob Lock Rs. 3,000
Prism Rs. 5,500
Sliding Door Lock Rs. 3,800
Epic POPScan-M Fingerprint Digital Door Lock Rs. 33,500
Electric Rim Lock Rs. 8,500
Bevel Rs. 9,800
Sliding Door Lock Rs. 3,200