Black & Decker Deep Fryer

Compare 29 prices from 10 stores.

Compare 29 prices from 10 stores.

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Rs. 13770 - Rs. 95256


A quality brand that also produces deep fryers, Black & Decker is known to be solid and have great longevity of performance. A deep fryer can help you fry all kinds of foods, making them crispy.


Deep frying is a great way to prepare tasty foods, one of the most common being French fries. There are many brands that produce deep fryers that you can easily use at home, including Black & Decker. A deep fryer has a container that is filled with oil and heats up, the food is put into a basket and lowered into the hot oil to fry.

Black & Decker is known to be one of the best brands for electronics, which also applies to their range of home appliances. There are different options that one can choose from. They come with a timer and temperature knobs so you can control how your food cooks. Getting the right kind of cook is important so your food is cooked through and crispy on the outside.

The oil inside a deep fryer needs to be kept clean and also changed in time. The debris from previously fried food builds up and can get stuck to whatever you are frying now, giving it a weird taste. One fried it is important to let the excess oil drain or you will be consuming way too much oil.

Running a deep fryer on electricity is a bit costly as it uses quite a bit of power to run.

Generally, the process of a Black & Decker deep fryer is in an affordable range.


The best price of Black & Decker Deep Fryer in Pakistan is Rs. 13,770 and the estimated average price is Rs. 39,343.

Price List

Model Price
EF45 Black & Decker Deep Fryer 2.5Ltr Rs. 23,999
Black & Decker AF400-B5 4Liter Deep Fryer Rs. 40,000
Anex AG-2014 – Deep Fryer – Black Rs. 17,940
Anex AG- 2019- Air Fryer- Black Rs. 28,440
Black & Decker Aero Air Fryer, 4.5 Liters, 1500W,… Rs. 50,999
SDF-5011 Sonashi Deep Fryer Rs. 16,499
Black & Decker Grand Digital Aero Air Fryer, 5.8 … Rs. 69,999
DeLonghi Electric Deep Fryer With Removal Bowl, F… Rs. 49,500
Delonghi IdealFry Low-Oil Fryer & Multicooker – F… Rs. 84,000
Black & Decker Oven 1.5L Aero Air Fryer, 1500W, A… Rs. 80,000
Anex Deep Fryer – AG-2012 – White Rs. 16,950
Black & Deck AF200 Air Fryer Rs. 88,258