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Compare 12 prices from 5 stores.

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Rs. 3250 - Rs. 15210


The design of a cape shawl is like a sweater shrug that is draped over the shoulders and comes together in the front. It can either be longer from one side to that ladies can wrap it around their body from the front. Other designs will have a wider neckline paired with no armholes to be draped over clothes.


Winter Fashion

As the name suggests a cape shawl has two important qualities it is made from warm woollen, polyester or viscose thread blend, lambswool or pashmina. There are a number of fashion brands that create their own unique styles and designs for cape shawls including Nishat Linen, Breakout, Zeen and Limelight. Other than local fashion retailer there are a number of import quality capes readily available on Shopsy to browse for winter or mid-season wear.  


The like cape shawls that work great with a pair of jeans to keep you warm on a chilly evening out of the home. They are available in both chinky thick knitwear variety and more stole or scarf like thin material to ensure they match perfectly with your outfit. The fur lining makes the cape look fun and bold adding drama and glamour to your wardrobe. These capes are available in a wide selection of colours from the neutral whites, browns and black to other primary base colours which will match with multiple outfits. The animal patterns and abstract designs are great to add texture and diversity to a monochrome outfit.

Eastern Wear

It is hard to keep warm on festive occasions without compromising on the outfit by wearing a sweater or coat, but with a cape, shawl ladies can now easily wear a fancy winter item that will not dull down their evening wear. When worn with wedding dresses, evening dresses or casual dresses in a single shirt, 2 piece suit or 3 piece suit, the cape shawl will be a great choice instead of a jacket or coat. 

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The best price of Cape Shawl in Pakistan is Rs. 3,250 and the estimated average price is Rs. 7,350.

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Model Price
Women's Cape Shawl Rs. 4,990
CAPE SHAWL 34 PRET 1 PC Rs. 3,250
CAPE SHAWL 42 PRET 1 PC Rs. 3,250
CAPE SHAWL 33 PRET 1 PC Rs. 3,850
CAPE SHAWL 38 PRET 1 PC Rs. 3,250
CAPE SHAWL 32 PRET 1 PC Rs. 3,250
CAPE SHAWL 35 PRET 1 PC Rs. 3,250
Rosetic Turtleneck Shawl Cape Lace Medieval Vinta… Rs. 8,266
Hairball Patchwork Solid Color Shawl Knitted Card… Rs. 10,879
Vintage 1920s Flapper Shawl Sequin Beaded Short C… Rs. 4,380
Sherpa Cape Shawls Rs. 7,999