Creative Speakers Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Creative Speakers in Pakistan is Rs. 4,100 and estimated average price is Rs. 7,874.


Quality speakers at a budget price are hard to come by, Creative speakers have managed to do well in this segment and have retained their market position for a long time. The brand has various kinds of speakers, from portable Bluetooth options to soundboards, computer speakers and more. Most of their speakers are priced at an affordable rate.


Creative the brand

Starting as a computer repair shop in Singapore in 1981 and on to making the soundcard that ruled the 1990s, Creative is a famous brand even today.

Creative produces gaming headsets, headphones, sound cards, a small range of accessories and speakers.

Creative speakers

The Creative speaker range has good quality for a very affordable price. Only a few specific models are more costly and are made for gamers specifically. 

The variety includes smaller portable Bluetooth speakers, computer speakers that are either 2.0, 2.1 or 5.1 and soundbars. The connectivity options vary, one can find any mix of Bluetooth, USB, AUX or an optical cable.

The design style is minimal and modern, with some that have won awards for their style and sound. There are models that have some knobs and buttons on one of the speakers while others have a small wired controller. An AUX output is also a common feature so in case one wants to attach their headphones it is right in front and easy.

The Creative Pebble range is regarded as one of the best range of speakers from the brand and is the one that has won awards too.


Creative speakers would be considered some of the best options in a budget vs quality segment.

The options have ample variety for one to find something that fits their needs.

Price List

Model Price
Creative Sound Blaster Roar (Bluetooth) Speaker Rs. 8,900
Creative Labs Creative Pebble Modern 2.0 USB Deskā€¦ Rs. 13,399
Creative SBS A255 (2.1) Speaker Rs. 4,100
Creative SBS E2800 (2.1) Speaker Rs. 5,100
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