Deep Freezer Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Deep Freezer in Pakistan is Rs. 34,500 and estimated average price is Rs. 64,751.


Deep freezers keep food perfectly preserved for long periods of time. The freezing point within the machine is unaffected by changing seasons and frequent electricity fluctuations and load shedding spells in Pakistan. All of these conditions have an impact on the deep freezer's performance but the technology used to create the seal and thermostat ensure that food can be stored for up to 100 hours.

Pros & Cons


  • Large storage capacity 

  • Power-efficient

  • Can keep food fresh without electricity for over 120 hours


  • Hard to dig out food items from the bottom of the chest

  • Bulky and hard to transport

  • Takes up a lot of kitchen space


Performance Features 

Deep freezers are a necessity for large families and commercial enterprises to store meat and ice especially during the hot summer and humid seasons of Pakistan. Home cooks can store ingredients for daily cooking and save perishable food from being ruined.

Power Efficient

Deep freezers consume less energy than upright models, they can keep food frozen for 100 hours without electricity. This is great for buyers in Pakistan who frequently face load shedding and power shutdowns across the country.

Design & Storage Capacity

Deep freezers will have fewer adjustable shelves than an upright freezer but this is because they are used to pile in food. As their primary use is to store frozen foods and utilize as much space as possible. They require manual defrosting as ice will accumulate over time due to retaining extreme temperatures. They have an outer material that comes in durable plastic and now in stylish glass doors by companies like Waves available in Pakistan. 

Key Operation Features  

The foaming thickness of the deep freezer is essential in ensuring cooling temperatures. Now deep freezers in Pakistan have smart digital touch panels offering users customizable cooling modes and various thermostat options. It has human interactive LED lights, that light up on motion sensing and human contact. Deodorizing technology has improved over the decades as it can now remove unpleasant food smells from the deep freezer. They are built with a rust-free durable EMBO sheet to withstand long term wear and tear.


Pakistan made home appliances are usually built with German quality Danfoss compressors that are known for providing power-efficient compressors worldwide. The high-quality copper condenser ensures faster cooling speeds.

Types of Deep Freezer

Depending on what brand is offering a deep freezer, buyers can select if they want a single, double or triple door deep freezer. The triple door combines a deep freezer and refrigerator in one appliance as they are an affordable option for those looking to store both fresh foods and frozen on a small budget.

The leading brands available locally are Dawlance, PEL, Waves and Haier with a variety of models and sizes in deep freezers and refrigerators. These can easily be found on Shopsy along with other international brands. 

Deep freezers are also commonly called chest freezers. Unlike top or bottom drawer freezers that come combined with refrigerators, deep freezers are the largest standalone unit available in Pakistan. They take up a lot more space when compared to upright freezers. Deep freezers are available in various designs and functionalities. The larger compartments can store more food over a long duration of time. They are a popular choice in Pakistan as they are cost and energy effective for a budget-conscious buyer.

Price List

Model Price
Dawlance Deep Freezer CF-91997 Signature ARC-P1 Rs. 78,000
Dawlance Vertical Freezer VF 1035 GD 267 Litres Rs. 78,400
Haier 285 Liters Chest Freezer HDF-285SD Rs. 50,500
PEL PDF 155 Deep Freezer Arctic Premium Double Do… Rs. 55,500
Waves WDFT-313 Double Door Cool Bank Deep Freezer Rs. 66,999
Haier Deep Freezer – HDF-285 SD Rs. 52,545
PEL 14 cu ft Arctic Pro Deep Freezer (PDF70150) Rs. 80,368
Haier HDF-345 Chest Deep Freezer Rs. 52,500
Haier Deep Freezer – HDF-245 SD Rs. 62,500
DAWLANCE Deep Freezer 91997h – Signature LVS Rs. 68,000
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