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The best price of Diamond Paints in Pakistan is Rs. 620 and estimated average price is Rs. 3,028.


Sealing and bonding the walls is an important part of finishing the home, the colour of the paint will only last as long as these important agents are present in the paint. Diamond Paints has an extensive range of products that are modern and contemporary approaches to finishing the home. Their high-quality paints ensure that results are long-lasting for 5 to 10 years.


Product Range

Construction of any architectural space requires painting the walls of the exterior and interior. When personalising your house, having the perfect colour scheme and palette assures that it feels like your own home. Even hotels and apartment buildings, spend time creating various moods and environments for their clients based on soothing, neutral and relaxing colours for their walls. 

The extensive range of colours is available in acrylic-based paints that are durable and do not fade over time. To ensure they are long-lasting there are protective and sealing layers of enamel, emulsion and primers that are designed to enhance the colour of the paint. 

Other than regular emulsion with PVA copolymer binder, there is Plasticoat Emulsion which is lightweight and suited for decorative purposes. Sealing the brick and concrete wall with a Synthetic Enamel that acts as a strong layer between the plaster and Acrylic Primer binding pores of the wall together ensuring a high gloss finish that makes the room look brighter and clean. There are alternative products available to seal the pores of the plaster such as Aluminum Silver and Hammer Finish that have a decorative finish that looks attractive and professional.

The high-quality base layers are the foundation for applying bright and high contrast colours in the bedroom or lounge walls. The high gloss varnish and lacquer is protective and decorative nitrocellulose based clear gloss lacquer. has an aklyd binder that can be used on walls and wood, being able to transform surfaces into fashionable and high end finishing for both exterior and interiors of the home or office.

Renovation & Makeover 

There is a seasonal weatherproofing paint offered by Diamond Paints that keeps excess water from seeping into the walls prevents ugly tearing of paint. It also bounces off heat coming from direct sunlight on the roof. The Roof Paint is an acrylic elastomeric coating designed for roofs that is resistant to any external elements, chemicals and overheating. The hot summer of Pakistan is known to be unbearable especially inside the homes because the walls are brick and concrete with improper ventilation through the windows. Painting the roof with this sealing paint will lower the temperature inside the home to up to 10%. 

Colour Collections by Diamont Paints

These are simply different sets of colours designed to help clients choose the perfect colour coordinated palette for their home or office. There is the Classic, Joyful, Glamour, Poetic and Vibrant. Each collection has a selection of colours from blues and greys paired together in Poetic to ultra-high contrast bright colours in Vibrant. 

Price List

Model Price
Diamond Pan Rs. 3,999
Diamond Pan Small – 112 Rs. 1,150
Diamond Overall Wall Sealer 14.56 liters (Drum si… Rs. 9,280
Diamond Overall Wall Sealer 0.91 liters (Quarter … Rs. 620
Diamond Pants Rs. 2,174
S/S Crew With Diamond Print Rs. 930
8 Pcs Diamond Pink Bed Sheet Set with Quilt, Pill… Rs. 8,800
Black Diamond Pants Rs. 999
Diamond Pan Large – 112 Rs. 1,400
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