Exhaust Fans Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Exhaust Fans in Pakistan is Rs. 1,005 and estimated average price is Rs. 5,751.


Cross ventilation is important and to aid that one can install an exhaust fan. Almost a requirement in bathrooms as the air needs to be circulated so it doesn't feel like a swamp. Available in different sizes and shapes, depending on what the specific space needs.


Exhaust fans are important

A well-ventilated space is necessary for good physical and mental health as a stuffy space can make a person feel stifled. Having an exhaust fan installed in the bathroom is helpful for this purpose, so air can pass from a window or door through the room out the bathroom. Airing out the bathroom after a hot shower is important as the humid air doesn't let the bathroom dry and can cause mould to grow on the walls which is dangerous for the health. Probably to a greater degree than people understand from causing infections to being cancerous even, which is why ventilation is crucial. Exhaust fans are not usually very high on consumption which is good as a lot of people run them for extended periods because fresh air is good at any time night or day.

Sizes and types

Exhaust fans come in many sizes depending on the place that it needs to ventilate, with sizes anywhere from 6 inches to 24 inches even. Some have fins that are closed when not in operation and others are just a bare fan that is whirring away at full speed. Larger ones usually are just bare fans and people install them in commercial kitchens and such spaces where there may be more smoke gathering up. These larger ones tend to make more noise as well while the smaller ones sound more like a continuous whirr.

Design features & build

Smaller bathroom exhaust fans also come with a drawstring to turn them on or of while that same string also shuts a small pop up like window behind them when not in use, this can be a good option as mosquitoes won't come streaming in when the fan is not on. The smaller exhaust fans are usually plastic ones and over time the parts do tend to take on a lot of wear and tear, but it could be a few years before it gets to that point.

Price List

Model Price
Rico Innovative 8 Window Glass Exhaust Fan - 100%… Rs. 2,100
MicroFans Exhaust Fan 8 inch - Plastic Body - Cop… Rs. 3,340
FEIDIAO Ventilating Exhaust Fan 12 inch Square - … Rs. 4,000
MicroFans Exhaust Fan 10 inch - Plastic Body - Co… Rs. 3,500
Exhaust Fan-Plastic Body 10'' Fitting-Off White Rs. 3,880
Pak Fan 12″ Metal Exhaust Fan Plus Rs. 5,819
Royal Plastic Exhaust Fan Noiseless (2Way) 8″ 10″… Rs. 3,425
Pak Fan 8" Metal Exhaust Fan Plus Rs. 8,202
Feidiao Ventilating Exhaust Fan 6 Inch (automatic… Rs. 2,200
Super Asia Exhaust Fan Window Rs. 10,258
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