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The best price of Rechargeable Fans in Pakistan is Rs. 830 and estimated average price is Rs. 9,798.


A convenient backup plan in summer when the electricity drops. Rechargeable fans are also portable so in case you are out and about you could have one along with you. Available in sizes that range from being handheld to ones that are akin to a pedestal fan. With lower price points too, making it a cheap fix for your heat problems.

Pros & Cons


  • Portable

  • Cheap


Rechargeable fans for backup

Coming in sizes that could be handheld, placed on a desk or basically be the size of a pedestal fan. Rechargeable fans are life savers when the power is out in the scorching summer of Pakistan. Not all spaces have a UPS and one could do without lights but perhaps would still need some form of cooling. Rechargeable fans are also available at various price points, low to high, making them more accessible for all.

Sizes, types and basic features

Made by many brands rechargeable fans have different battery times depending on the size and how long it has been in use but some are built for a few hours and others can go on up to 6 hours or more. Available in many different designs and colours so you can choose which one fits your space and decoration well. With varied speed control on the larger ones and the ability to charge from AC and DC making them even more convenient in case you have access to a different power system. Some rechargeable fans have the option for you to have the batteries swapped when the old ones are not running at their best so you don't need to buy a whole new unit.

The even smaller type

The personalised rechargeable fans that sit on a table, or can be fixed to a hard hat, are convenient but only for a single person to use. A lot of these are the sort that charge of a USB cable, meaning it could be used with a power bank or laptop as well. The ultimate portable cooling system off-grid. Already being functionally efficient there are rechargeable fans that have additional electric components like lights and radios which could really add to your needs in a situation without power.

An important thing to keep in mind is how long one of these would take to recharge and with the AC only charging units it is recommended to not operate them while connected to a power supply as this has been observed to develop faults at times.

Price List

Model Price
Audionic AIRWAVES - USB Rechargeable FAN Rs. 1,499
FEIDIAO Mini Misting Hand Fan 1200MAh Rechargeabl… Rs. 2,300
FEIDIAO Mini Misting Hand Fan 1200MAh Rechargeabl… Rs. 2,300
Westpoint WF-8916 Rechargeable Stand Fan 16" Rs. 15,000
FEIDIAO Mini Misting Hand Fan 1200MAh Rechargeabl… Rs. 2,300
Audionic Airwave USB Rechargeable Fan Rs. 830
Sogo Rechargeable Stand Fan JPN-674 Rs. 11,500
Geepas Rechargeable Fan with LED light - White (B… Rs. 5,400
Sogo Rechargeable Mini Fan JPN-524 Rs. 8,000
SOGO Rechargeable Fan JPN 630 Rs. 10,219
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