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The best price of Gaba National in Pakistan is Rs. 14,000 and estimated average price is Rs. 53,661.


A complete home solution electronics retailer offers a wide variety of appliances at affordable price points.


Kitchen Appliances 

For the kitchen, there are refrigerators in both standing and deep freezer format in large and compact room size. For easy to use clean drinking water, Gaba National has a reliable and durable Water Dispenser with the model number GND-2200-176 that can pour hot and cold water of replaceable 5-gallon water bottles. The Electric Kettle is export quality with the model number GN-8607K-19. There are essential kitchen appliances such as Hand Blender, Microwave, Kitchen Robot with Juicer and Roti Maker. 

The Roti Maker with the model number GN4156 helps quickly prepare a large number of rotis at mealtime. It has a two 12" non-stick coated plates that you place the dough between. It can be operated with controlled heating and has a light indicator to ensure the power is on. The stainless steel chassis ensures that hands do not get burned while using the appliance. It has a compact size that is easy to store in the kitchen. 

Gaba National has several kinds of Microwave Ovens that have additional functionality like rotisserie and grill. The 4 in 1 Juicer, Blender, Grinder & Chopper with the model number GN-1778 is a multipurpose food processor that can do many different tasks in minutes. It is made from durable and high-quality stainless steel blades that are easy to clean. 

For easy to make snacks and lunches there is a Sandwich Maker with the model number GN-1212 that will be able to save time and energy. The Electric Oven with the model number GN-1538 and Oven Toaster with the model number GN1538 can prepare meals and desserts without using any gas that can help save on home utility bills. 

Home Appliances 

There are several home appliances that help improve living conditions throughout the year. During the winters in Pakistan, it is essential to have a Room Heater or Fan Heater to stay warm. The Gaba National heating solutions are budget-friendly and can accommodate a medium-sized bedroom easily. They have various power supplies such as 400W, 800W and 1200W making it easy to buy according to your personal home budget. The 3 Halogen Tubes used in the electric heater is safer to use than gas heaters and better for the environment. These heaters have built-in safety switches that ensure they turn off when tipped over and protect the home from any fire hazards. For cooling solutions, there are DC Inverter Air Conditioners by Gaba National with the model number GNS-1819iHC that offer up to 60% Energy Saving performance as compared to other budget brands.  

The powerful Vacuum Cleaner with the model number GNV6017 will be able to remove dust and dirt from carpets and wooden floors. There are washing machines with both 2-in-1 functions with twin tub action and single function iterations as well. The steam iron is an advanced model with multi-functions of the dry and steam press along with Dual Spray Mist to iron out tough wrinkles. 

Personal Appliances 

The Hair Dryer with the model number GN0118 is a high performance with low voltage power supply. It is heat safe to use for both men and women. 

Price List

Model Price
Gaba National GNR-183SS - 2.5 Cft Single door Bed… Rs. 38,000
Gaba National GNR-1710WD PCM Double Door Big Refr… Rs. 49,670
Gaba National GNR-2109/522 PCM Double Door Big Re… Rs. 38,220
Gaba National Single Door Inverter Deep Freezer 1… Rs. 63,500
Gaba National GN-7/20A Acrylic Sheet Instant Geys… Rs. 14,000
Gaba National Refrigerator GNR-188 S.S Rs. 43,500
Gaba National Double Door Big Refriegrator 10 Cu … Rs. 56,000
Gaba National Single Door Deep Freezer 17 Cu Ft (… Rs. 59,500
Gaba National Refrigerator Glass Single Door GNR-… Rs. 49,500
Gaba National Refrigerator GNR-1712 G.D Rs. 60,600
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