Gaba National Sandwich Maker Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Gaba National Sandwich Maker in Pakistan is Rs. 3,050 and estimated average price is Rs. 4,578.


If you are looking for a sandwich maker that can help you prepare toasted sandwiches without too much work, Gaba National has options you can look into. The prices are generally affordable.


A super-easy way to prepare toasted sandwiches is by using a sandwich maker. Gaba National has a few options that one can pick from.

All you need to do is put your sandwich together and stick it into your Gaba National sandwich maker, shut it and wait for the timer to go off. Your sandwich will be toasted and crisp on the outside with a soft inside. You could make savoury or sweet sandwiches depending on your mood.

These sandwich makers can make two sandwiches in one go, making it convenient if you need to make more. The plates inside are non-stick and also they are the traditional design that cuts the sandwich into two triangles making it easy to eat and carry in a snack box too.

The non-stick aspect also makes the plates a lot easier to clean.

The price of Gaba National sandwich makers is in an affordable range.

Price List

Model Price
Gaba National-GN-396 - Sandwich Maker - Black (Br… Rs. 4,299
Gaba National Sm Sandwich Maker - Gn-1212 Rs. 3,399
Gaba National Sandwich Maker (GN-1212-SM) Rs. 4,202
Gaba National GN-1212 SM Sandwich Maker Rs. 3,930
Gaba National-GN-396 - Sandwich Maker - Black (Br… Rs. 4,299
Gaba National Sandwich Maker GN-396/20 Rs. 5,500
Gaba National GN-397 Big Sandwich Maker Rs. 5,280
Gaba National GN-6686 Sandwich Maker Rs. 4,240
Gaba National Sandwich Maker GN-1212 SM Rs. 3,050
Gaba National Sandwich Maker GN-6686 Rs. 4,950
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