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The Geforce GTX 1080 Ti is the upgraded next generation of 1000 series that offers perfect visuals with high processing power. It will run all heavy intensive performance gameplay with rich textures and clarity. It is VR ready and can handle multitasking between creative projects like animation, illustration, video editing and photography. Considered a commercial GPU, the GTX 1080 Ti is expensive and will be a long-lasting investment for users looking to use their GPU for years to come.

Pros & Cons


  • XLR8 Triple Fan Cooler

  • Next-gen 11 GBps GDDR5X memory

  • 1 GB frame buffer


  • Overpriced

  • Could be quieter


Introduction to the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

It is a powerful graphics card available online in Pakistan at a higher price point than its entry to mid-level predecessors such as 1050 or 1060. It gives excellent processing speed and efficient power usage. For gamers worldwide the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti is the ultimate gaming GPU upgrade as it offers a fast, smooth, quieter gaming experience compared to the previously released graphics cards.

Performance & Power 

The processing stability of the 1080 Ti is impressive compared to the previous 10 Series graphics cards. GTX 1080 comes with features like NVIDIA GPU Boost 3.0, NVIDIA TXAA, and NVIDIA PhysX, Plus, with NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience built directly into its drivers to deliver the highest gaming settings and VR gaming experience. 

The cooling design of the GTX 1080 Ti has been structured with a vapour chamber cooler and a blower fan, there is a large copper base plate that creates an easy escape for heat from the backside of the GPU and VRAM. It secures the mechanism to function even when the GPU is overclocked. The GTX 1080 Ti will remain stable and ensures that the card has a longer life. All the other components are then cooled by the WindForce cooling mechanism built-in with the GPU. The additional metal backplate gives the card solid protection from regular wear and tear. The thermal sensors are a key feature that ensures everything is running normally. With its customizable RGB lights the design becomes personal to every gamer. 

Gaming & VR Ready

With games now offering VR experiences available in Pakistan, gamers want to set up their VR with the GTX 1080 Ti Founders Edition. It has been made simple by the two HMDI ports so that hooking up multiple monitors to your VR device ensuring a seamless and flexible gaming experience.

The Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti can easily run games on a 1440P at 144HZ monitor. Gamers can start from 4k at 60HZ depending on the system model. Guaranteed to successfully run all your high-intensity games like Doom, Wolfenstein, Crysis 3, Titanfall 2. Gamers can now have faster gameplay in PUBG and Fornite. GeForce GTX 1080 Ti was released in 2017 and is considered a great choice for users in Pakistan looking to upgrade from their old entry-level model graphics cards. 


This GPU can process almost anything you want in terms of gaming and video editing. It will be able to run smoothly through extensive processing loads. Competitive gamers are now using the 1080 Ti as it enables live streaming along with gameplay. The 1080 Ti is comparatively cheaper to other broad-based GPUs with the same processing specification making it a budget-friendly product for its performance capabilities.   


NVIDIA® CUDA® Cores 3584
Boost Clock 1645 MHZ
Memory Clock 11 GBPS
Memory Amount 11GB GDDR5X
Memory Interface 352-BIT
Memory Bandwidth 484 GBPS
TDP 250 W
SLI SLI HB Bridge Supported
Multi-Screen Yes
Max Resolution 7680 X 4320 @60HZ
Power Input One 6-PIN, One 8-PIN
Bus Type PCI-Express 3.0 x 16
Card Dimensions 4.960" X 12.36"
Width Dual Slot
Box Dimensions 15.5" X 7.7" X 3.8"
Virtual Reality Ready Yes
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