Grinder Machine Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Grinder Machine in Pakistan is Rs. 950 and estimated average price is Rs. 9,609.


The grinder machine is an industrial power tool used on materials such as tile, brick, asphalt and cement. It has an abrasive wheel that is the main contact component of the machine that can cut and grind through the material on a workpiece or flat surface using high-speed friction. The wheel is attached to a powerful motor that makes it spin so it can do the work needed.


Power Supply & Performance 

The grinder machine can cut through industrial-grade metals with ease. It is designed to be easy to use and comes with a power cord or can also be cordless depending on the model. It is used to perform multiple structural tasks such as grinding, deburring, sanding and polishing. There is a powerful electric motor inside the machine that creates the rotational movement of the grinding wheel. The Rotation Per Minute known as RPM is the force that turns the V-Belt and Cone Pulley mechanism. There are handheld grinder machines that can be used around the home and for small scale projects and larger bench grinders that have a higher RPM.

Handheld Grinder Machines

The Angle Grinder is a portable and compact tool also called a side grinder or disc grinder with a fixed speed of 9000 to 12000 RPM that can polish and grind metal pipes and thin-gauge materials. With the right tool heads, it can also sand and buff surfaces. These tools can help save time and energy when working on small projects, they are an excellent addition to your woodshop and metal shop as they are often used in creating, repairing and assembling pieces of metal, brick and cement.

There are speed control settings and gradual starting of speed to maintain a steady and strong grip on the handle. The anti-vibration and non-slip handle is essential for precision work and keeping your hands safe at all times. The lock and unlocking system ensures the disc can be safely removed when needed and the grinder machine can easily be cleaned when finished.

Safety Tips

Remember to wear protective gear when working with a grinder machine which can include safety glasses or goggles and a face shield to avoid hurting your eyes or skin. Other safety gear includes gloves and safety boots to ensure your hands and feet remain safe while operating the machine. An apron made from protective material is also advised.

Price List

Model Price
Meat grinder Grinder Chopper Electric Automatic M… Rs. 4,900
Masala Grinder With Glass Top /Grinder For Nation… Rs. 950
Meat grinder Grinder Chopper Electric Automatic M… Rs. 4,900
Westpoint Big Apple Juicer With Blender And Grind… Rs. 12,151
Meat Grinder also for Vegetable and Spice Smart E… Rs. 5,500
Bingo Jbg-1000-bs - 3 In 1 Juicer Blender & Grind… Rs. 8,890
Meat grinder Grinder Chopper Electric Automatic M… Rs. 4,900
Westpoint Big Apple Juicer With Blender And Grind… Rs. 11,306
Westpoint Coffee Grinder (WF-9224) – Karachi Only Rs. 6,498
Westpoint Coffee & Spice Grinder Black (WF-9227) Rs. 8,317
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