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The best price of Herbal Shampoo in Pakistan is Rs. 240 and estimated average price is Rs. 658.


Herbal shampoos are considered ideal for coarse, frizzy, untamed, thin and dull hair that has been overexposed to chemicals weakening the hair's roots. These products are based on Ayurvedic sciences originated from South Asia using only plant-based natural ingredients such as fruits, coconut, aloe vera and essential oils. The pure plant oils and distilled herbal agents are ideal for gentle hair treatment.



Those who regularly use hair colour, harsh gels and other chemical-based hair styling products need to repair their hair constantly to counter the damage. Blowing drying and straightening your hair can be damaging to the texture and shine leaving your hair weak and dull. To restore your hair, it is important to promote the natural ability of hair growth through replenishing the follicles and improving scalp health. The herbal ingredients are non-allergenic and can be used on children and teenagers. With no added chemical-based perfume or fragrance they can protect the scalp. These products are safe to drain into the sewage tank as they have no chemicals that will polite the water system making them ideal for the environment. 

Best Ingredients 

Shampoos that incorporate hair growth and shine promoting agents such as Coconut oil, Cold Pressed Castor Oil and omega-9 fatty acids will also ensure that each strand of hair is stronger with each wash. Olive oil-based shampoos help provide essential Vitamin E and antioxidants that strengthen the hair from the root up. Jojoba oil hydrates the hair and is ideal for wavy and curly hair types helping the hair maintain its natural shape. Shea butter smells amazing and moisturizes the hair keeping is shiny and moisturized under harsh sunlight of summer season in Pakistan. 

Price List

Model Price
Herbal Shampoo – Normal Hair – 250ml Rs. 999
Eden Roc Herbal Shampoo Large 4 Pieces with Free … Rs. 960
Eden Roc Herbal Shampoo Large & Hair Tonic Small … Rs. 439
Eden Roc Herbal Shampoo Large 3 Pieces with Free … Rs. 720
Zain Herbals - Hair Care Oil 120Ml & Hair Care Sh… Rs. 545
LIFEBUOY Herbal Shampoo Naturally Long 375ML Rs. 510
Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Shampoo 400 ML Rs. 610
Eden Roc Organic Care Herbal Shampoo Pack of 3 G… Rs. 922
100% Herbal Ginger Hair Fall Shampo Regrow of New… Rs. 599
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