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Compare 112 prices from 8 stores.

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The leather jacket is a popular clothing article that never goes out of fashion. Men and women around the world like to wear leather pants and jackets for its simple yet stylish feel and look. Check out leather jackets prices in Pakistan on this page and read on for more information.


Some of the best names in the business are Allsaints, Schott, John Varvatos, Outfitters, Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Saint Laurent, Dunhill, Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger etc. These brands claim their jackets to be curated out of 100% pure full-grain leather.

Style Statement

Leather exudes a tough and classy attitude. When paired with jeans, the combination is considered stylish yet laid back that looks effortless. Leather jackets are worn in all styles including the Leather bomber jackets popularized by the famous Hollywood star Tom Cruise. The flame-red leather jacket that Micheal Jackson wore in his iconic Thriller video has a separate cult following. It is a red coloured jacket made out of genuine leather with a black V style front and metal buckle sleeve accents. For a rockstar look, go for the motorbike-style black leather jacket variety popularized by Elvis Presley and James Dean, the famous Hollywood stars of yesteryears. Pairing a leather jacket with leather pants or jeans and stylish boots can instantly transform your look. Ladies also pair their jackets over skirts or flared frocks.

Colour & Quality

The classic colours for a typical jacket made out of genuine leather include black, navy, tan, brown. Today all types of colour options all available, especially for women who are seen wearing leather jackets in neon as well as metallic colours. Men still go for more classic colours like brown, black and navy etc. Real leather is grainy to touch and is stretchy while faux leather is stiff and glossy. When investing in a jacket made out of leather, make sure to keep several things into consideration. Pure leather goods are expensive and so is a jacket made out of pure leather. The rough and rugged looking variety is cheap quality faux leather material, while a high-quality option would always be smooth, supple and soft to touch.

Tips & Comments

The style and brand you choose is a matter of preference, but if taken good care of, the premium quality leather jackets will last a good 20 years. There are some measures you can take to increase the life of your jacket by saving it from rain and liquid spills. Despite premium quality leather ensembles being close fibred and water-resistant, they have a tendency to get damaged if exposed to liquid and moisture for long. It is important that you wipe your jacket dry to eliminate chances of damage and increase the product's durability.

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The best price of Leather Jackets in Pakistan is Rs. 9,800 and the estimated average price is Rs. 16,114.

Price List

Model Price
Women’s Brown Leather Jacket Rs. 11,250
Women’s Biker Leather Jacket Rs. 11,250
Black Spike Leather Jacket Rs. 11,250
Women’s Collarless Leather Jacket Rs. 11,250
Men’s Dark Brown Leather Jacket Rs. 11,250
Womens Brown Shearling Leather Jacket Rs. 15,000
Men’s Casual Black Leather Jacket Rs. 11,250
Women’s white Biker Leather Jacket Rs. 13,500
Women’s Slim Fit Leather Jacket Rs. 11,250
Women’s Black Lambskin Leather Jacket Rs. 15,000