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The best price of Lenovo Laptop in Pakistan is Rs. 59,999 and estimated average price is Rs. 170,985.


A respected brand in the laptop industry, Lenovo's range is built on the foundations of IBM. They bought out IBM'spersonal computer business and expanded on it. With a few different lines geared for different kinds of users. Which specific Lenovo laptop you decide to purchase is a matter of budget and requirements.


A bit about Lenovo

Lenovo is one of the largest producers of computers since its acquisition of IBM's branch of personal computers in 2005. Producing laptops under different lines such as ThinkPad, ThinkBook, Yoga, Legion and IdeaPad. Along with 2 lines of desktop computers. Lenovo has maintained the IBM quality and added new lines, with enough options to allow for ample choice-making depending on individual needs and budget.


The original, the ThinkPad, the line that is the only certified laptop for use on the International Space Station. The ThinkPad is a remnant of the IBM brand, a reliable machine built for office needs in mind. ThinkPad's are developed to last and have good all-round connectivity and performance. Models from this line have been considered some of the best business laptops over the years. The features vary between the models but options include touchscreen, 4K display, 17-hour battery life and more. There are versions that are built with harsh environments in mind as work doesn't always mean a desk, it could be a drilling site out in the desert. A dependable machine overall, which is a huge plus for any high-stress work environment, tested against military-grade durability requirements.


The ThinkBook line is similar to the ThinkPad. Business-oriented reliable machines. The difference being that the ThinkBook is available at a more reasonable price point. With costs saved by changing the build of the laptop using a different quality plastics. This line was specifically designed with small businesses in mind, but users who are also privacy-conscious. The design is more like that of the IdeaPad line rather than the black ThinkPads.


The Yoga series are touch-based displays, these are made with screens that fold over completely; allowing the user to interact with them like a tablet. This is also the reason why they are named 'yoga', due to the flexibility of the form factor. A great hybrid machine that has abilities from both worlds, that diversity helps users as they don't need to carry two devices around with them. Generally, the larger the number in the model name the more powerful the machine and also the more pricey it is. The Yoga line has been performing well in the benchmark tests and would be a great machine for a general user. A good choice for artists as well, with the option of folding over to become a digital drafting table.


The gaming laptop line by Lenovo is sold under the Legion moniker but is also known as the Y-Series. Gamers have more performance-related requirements of their machines, with better graphics, more RAM and higher quality cooling. Legion models have spacey designs and are slightly bulkier than the regular laptops. They come with backlit keyboards as gamers are often in a low light environment so they can focus more on the screen. Compared to other gaming rigs, Legion models are cheaper.


A consumer-oriented line, competing against the likes of Dell Inspiron, Acer Aspire, HP Pavillion, Samsung Sens and Toshiba Satellite. The IdeaPad range starts at a low-end price all the way to the higher-end, still, this is not the machine if you are looking for more powerful performance. This is a simpler iteration of laptops for people who have a more day to day simple usage requirement from their machine. This is the go-to if browsing, multimedia and some basic gaming is your mix of needs; being designed for general use.

Lenovo's range is broad with many options within their different lines, you can pick what laptop works for you depending on price and your personal requirements. Lenovo was rated as the best laptop brand in 2018 by engadget.com

Price List

Model Price
Daraz Like New Laptops - Lenovo Ideapad 3 Ultra B… Rs. 84,999
Lenovo Thinkpad E14 Ci5 10th 4GB 1TB 14 Rs. 98,000
Lenovo Intel i7-8550U 1.8G 8GB 1TB HDD 15.6 Inch … Rs. 118,999
Lenovo IdeaPad S145 15.6" Core i3 8th Gen 8GB 1TB… Rs. 84,999
Lenovo Thinkpad L15 i5-1135G7 8GB 256GB SSD Rs. 228,499
Lenovo Yoga - 6 13ALC6 :1y Rs. 204,500
LENOVO IDEAPAD S145 i3 10005G1 4GB 1TB WIN10 15.6… Rs. 149,500
Lenovo ThinkPad T14S 14" Core i7 10th Gen 16GB 51… Rs. 250,000
Lenovo ThinkPad E14 14" Core i7 10th Gen 8GB 256G… Rs. 153,543
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