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The best price of National Masala in Pakistan is Rs. 70 and estimated average price is Rs. 117.


Pakistani cuisine uses various blends of spices (masala) for every dish. These days ready-made spice powders are available by different brands like National Masala and Shan Masala. They are a quick and easy alternative to homemade time taking grounded spice mix and can come in handy every time you quickly need a spice mix ready for cooking. National Masala prices in Pakistan vary depending on the spice powder and weight but they are an affordable way to add zest to your food. You can easily buy National masala online from a multitude of our trusted websites.


National masalas are not just used by homemakers but are also used at restaurants and by caterers.

National Masala List & Packaging

Owned by National Foods, National recipe masalas come in large-sized jars and the basic masalas are packed in small boxes (cartons) or pouches. Basic masalas include spice powders for everyday cooking like dhania powder, adrak powder, kali mirch, laal mirch, haldi powder, 50g or 100g box, 200g pouch or 25g and 35g shakers. Some of the best National recipe masalas are as under:

1. National Butter Chicken Masala

2. National Chat Masala

3. National Paya Masala

4. National Biryani Masala

5. National Tikka Masala

6. National Tandoori Masala

7. National Fish Fried Masala

8. National Seekh Kebab Masala

9. National Nihari Masala

10. National Haleem Masala

Lightly roasted and then home grounded Biryani masala is the soul of an aromatic and flavorful biryani. When you add National biryani masala powder to the home grounded one, you can achieve an even more enhanced flavour and aroma. National nihari masala adds an instant delicious flavour to your nihari dish etc.

You can mix National Fish masala in yogurt and other spices and marinate fish for an hour. Then fry till crispy golden and sprinkle some National chat masala for an added zest and spiciness. Just make sure to use readymade masalas in moderation due to their sodium content and the added preservatives. 

Price List

Model Price
National foods Delhi Nihari Masala 112G Rs. 181
National Tandoori Masala 40g Rs. 98
National Tandoori Masala 40g Rs. 98
National Paya Masala Mix Rs. 100
National Garam Masala Powder 50g Rs. 158
National Murghi Masala Mix – 01 kg Rs. 164
National Tikka Boti Masala 44g Rs. 98
National Kgosht Masala 94Gm Rs. 154
National Biryani Masala Rs. 181
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