Nikai Hot Plate Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Nikai Hot Plate in Pakistan is Rs. 11,200 and estimated average price is Rs. 11,200.


A Nikai Hot Plate can be very useful in the kitchen and dining room. Designed to keep food warm, reheat it or slow cook as well. The design is neater so it can be placed in your dining room too.


If you like to slow cook your food to get all the flavours and juice out, a Nikai Hot Plate would be a great addition to your kitchen. This hot plate can also be used to keep your food warm as it is being served or to reheat food. The designs are such that they can be used in the kitchen or even in the dining room.

The Nikai Hot Plates are one of the few that come with a triple plate option as well, aside from the single and dual ones. This lets you place more food on it with ease and would be great for your console.

Using a Nikai Hot Plate is easy, there are knobs with each plate that let you set the temperature you want. This is very useful for people who host often, helping with keeping your food warm as guests eat.

The hot plates are made from cast iron, meaning they are sturdy. The rest is stainless steel, another lasting material. As weight has to be placed on these hot plates, the material strength matters.

Nikai Hot Plates have overheat protection, this makes sure the plate switches off if it gets too hot. An important feature that protects your hot plate and the space you have placed it in as well. 

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Nikai Electric Single Hotplate, 1500W, NKTOW4N2 Rs. 11,200
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