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The best price of Ok Baby Diapers in Pakistan is Rs. 745 and estimated average price is Rs. 793.


OK Baby Diapers make it a lot easier for kids to use the toilet on the go. The diaper is designed to absorb a lot of the liquid and keeps it all locked in. The baby is then cleaned and a new diaper is put on. These are a kind of disposable diaper, making them more convenient than washable ones.


Diapers for babies are a very convenient way of having them use the toilet without being in one. A lot of brands produce disposable diapers and the OK Baby Diapers is one such option.

Made from cotton that absorbs the liquid so there is no leaking, the design also seals in all the areas that could possibly leak. The closing tape is made to stick well so it stays closed. Overall the design allows for flexibility as babies move around a lot.

The baby's skin should be moisturised to avoid rash and also wiped well. Disposable diapers are convenient but do create quite a bit of waste.

The price of OK Baby Diapers is relatively affordable.

Price List

Model Price
OK Baby Diapers Large 32 PCS Rs. 745
OK Baby Diapers Small 40 PCS Rs. 745
OK Baby Diapers Medium 36 PCS Rs. 890
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