Oriflame Deep Cleansing Gel Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Oriflame Deep Cleansing Gel in Pakistan is Rs. 2,089 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,089.


Oriflame Optimals Deep Cleanser is available in gel form. It is suitable for all skin types but is best for rough and dull skin. The cleanser is infused with almond oil that keeps the skin moisturized and healthy. This is a gel-based formula that turns into foam when in contact with water. Oriflame Deep Cleansing Gel is priced in the budget-friendly range.


Skin Nutrition Expert Formula

The cleanser has been formulated by skin nutrition experts who have kept all skin types in mind. They have incorporated natural and skin-beneficial ingredients in this formula such as strawberries and fruit acids. Strawberries are known antioxidants loaded with Vitamin C and have an antiageing and purifying effect on the skin. Together the ingredients help boost the skin's radiance. There is also almond oil added to the formula for keeping the skin youthful and dewy.

Oil Releasing Beads

Oriflame Deep Cleansing Gel has crushable almond oil releasing beads. They keep the skin moisturized and help prevent it from going dry. After washing the face with it, one instantly feels refreshed without that stretchy feeling associated with usual cleansers.

Convenient Design

The cleanser comes in a slim bottle with a pump dispenser. This makes for a mess-free design as the user can control the quantity depending on their requirement. It is also a hygienic design as the product doesn't come directly in contact with the hands or any surfaces. The pump dispenser can be locked by press-rotating to the opposite side, making it leak-free. The bottle is compact and slim and can easily be carried in the handbag while travelling.

Deep Cleansing Action

Oriflame Optimals Deep Cleansing Gel cleans the skin from deep within. The gel formula is gentle on the skin and unclogs blocked pores that have trapped dirt and debris. It also removes blackheads, whiteheads and other impurities from the skin, making it glow and look squeaky clean.

How To Use

Splash fresh water on the face and then apply a dime-sized amount of Oriflame Deep Cleansing Gel. Work into a lather, avoiding the eye area and rub in a circular motion for up to a minute. Rinse thoroughly with fresh water and pat your skin dry. For best results, use morning and evening.

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Oriflame Optimals Deep Cleansing Gel - 150 ml - 4… Rs. 2,089
Oriflame Optimals Deep Cleansing Gel - 150 ml - 4… Rs. 2,089
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