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Telephone sets allow users to connect to the landline to make calls. These phones are still used quite a bit despite how common mobile phones are, especially in office environments. One of the most commonly used brands in this segment is Panasonic. The price of a Panasonic telephone set is relatively low.


The Panasonic Corporation

A brand that is part of the leading electronics brands in the world, Panasonic is another successful name from Japan. It has been around since 1918 and has consistently outdone itself. Panasonic has a catalogue so wide it would be hard to list. Panasonic also owns Technics, a well-known DJ equipment brand.

Panasonic is one of the brands still producing quality telephone sets.

What is a Telephone Set

Before mobile phones were common, the telephone set was the standard mode of communication for voice. These telephone sets were connected to the main telephone line via a metal of fibre optic cable.

Built with a headset that was attached to the main console with a coiled cable, allowing some give in the wire so a person could move around a bit. The main console also had all the numeric keys on it to press and dial the desired number one needed to call.

There are also cordless versions of a telephone set. In this instance, the headset is set in a cradle and can be carried a sufficient distance around the house while one talks on it. The dial keys are built into the headset in this case, instead of the main console. The wire for these cordless telephones is attached to the console/cradle.

Other possible features of a Panasonic telephone set

Panasonic telephone sets also have redial buttons so one does not have to keep dialling the whole number if it is busy. Their telephone sets also come with a speakerphone option, in case multiple people on one end need to be in on the call. Some of these telephone sets also have a small storage bank for a limited number of contacts.

Another feature that is possible is a caller identification system, though not all Panasonic telephone sets have this. This allows one to see the number calling them. 


Telephone sets are still very much in use despite the major switch to mobile phones. There are over 1.2 billion landline connections in the world today. Mostly the use of telephone sets is in offices, where the exchange is also used to stay in touch internally.

The price of a Panasonic telephone set is nominal today as it is technology that is slowly phasing out.

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