Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner in Pakistan is Rs. 12,927 and estimated average price is Rs. 25,628.


A Panasonic vacuum would make it super easy for you to clean up your space. The brand has multiple options one can choose based on the size of their space and the power they need. Prices are are competitive and vary based on the specific type and size.


Drum Vacuum Cleaner

For a deep clean use the powerful heavy-duty Panasonic vacuum cleaner that is available in 2200 Wats. These drum format vacuum cleaners have a large capacity to hold trash and dirt accumulating on any surface. The 21 litres drum tank will be able to clean your entire house without needing to be emptied. You will be able to pick up hard debris from your carpet and floors easily with the standing neck cleaning tool that is attached to the rubber tube attached to the drum. The detachable drum is easy to clean and empty once full. It has a rewind function for the cord making it easy to recoil the long wire without wasting any energy. The sturdy wheels are designs to make it easy to drag the machine anywhere around the house or office. The tank is made from durable metal that is practically unbreakable.

Compact Vacuum Cleaner

The compact sizes Panasonic vacuum cleaner models are ideal for smaller spaces, two-bedroom flat, student accommodation apartments or any light cleaning around the house. They have an 1800 WAT range with detachable cleaning tools that help reach hard to clean areas around the sofa and corners of the room. The lightweight design is easy to carry around the house and it also has wheels for dragging on carpets and flooring. It has a 5-layer dust filtration using a HEPA filter that will clean the air in your house cleaning from fine dust being collected inside the vacuum.

Price List

Model Price
Malaysia Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner MC-633 – 2000W Rs. 17,999
Orignal Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner MC-633 – 2000W 1… Rs. 17,800
Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner MC-633 – 2000W Rs. 18,500
Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner, 1400W, 4L, Red, MC-CG521 Rs. 24,000
Panasonic MC-YL633 Vacuum Cleaner Rs. 28,975
Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner - 713 Rs. 21,699
Panasonic Professional Vacuum Cleaner 25L Rs. 18,000
Panasonic MC-CG711 vacuum cleaner Rs. 29,999
Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner MC-CG521 Rs. 22,000
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