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Smokers deal with a lot more odour that needs to be dealt with, for this, the Pearl Drops Smokers Mouthwash is a good option. Designed specifically for people who need to get rid of the tobacco odour, this is a stronger mouthwash. The price is relatively affordable.


The Pearl Drops Smokers Mouthwash is made specifically to help smokers with their oral hygiene. Due to the smoking, the teeth get stained because of the tar and nicotine and the scent of tobacco is also strong, lingering a lot more.

Smokers can use the Pearl Drops Smokers Mouthwash which has special cleaners for the stains and also the stale odour of tobacco. One should use the Pearl Drops Smokers Mouthwash when they brush their teeth. this combo can help. Killing the germs that accumulate in one's mouth can help keep the breath fresh as well. This mouthwash has clinically been proven to fight the build-up of plaque as well.

In the case of a hurry, one could also use the Pearl Drops Smokers Mouthwash on its own so they have fresh breath and get rid of germs too.

Pearl Drops Smokers Mouthwash is priced in an affordable bracket, making it easy for smokers to maintain their oral health.

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