Pen Box Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Pen Box in Pakistan is Rs. 45 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,414.


The pen box is a wholesale product that makes it easy for customers to store multiple pens at work or home saving time and money buying one pen at a time from the store. The pen box can have 4 to 12 pieces of ballpoint or a fountain pen box will have 3 to 4 pieces making sure you are never without a pen.


Kids Pen Box

A pen box is also called a pencil box for kids as it stores all their school stationery included markers, coloured glitter pens and other essentials with cartoons and interesting graphics to decorate the outside casing. There are soft and hard pen box designs for kids that have zips or sealable buttons that ensure no item is lost carrying it to school.

Artist Pen Box

The calligraphy pen box has a set of brand new writing tools either in wood or metal nibs that are used by dipping them into an inkpot. The art of calligraphy has been around for centuries and usually involves a number of tools with various sized tips to create precise strokes and lettering in different writing styles. The pen box can carefully store all these delicate writing apparatuses in a cool and dry environment making sure they have a long shelf life.

Price List

Model Price
Schneider One Sign 1.0 mm Rollerball Pen (1 Box o… Rs. 4,800
Empty Pen Box Card Pack of 50 Rs. 500
Deli - EQ01130- Arrow Ball Point Pen Tip 1.0mm(50… Rs. 1,950
Super Hero Characters 2 sided Pencil Case Pen Box… Rs. 450
Jitter Black Pen with Engraved Customize Name Sty… Rs. 1,500
High Quality Wood Square Fantastic Pen Holders Wi… Rs. 1,245
Best Quality Foutain Pen Set with Transparent Geo… Rs. 899
Students Ink Pen Box Sp-10 Rainbow - 10 Pieces Rs. 550
Customized Your Name On Pen With Box Rs. 699
Cute Unicorn Glitter Liquid Pencil Case High Capa… Rs. 699
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