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The best price of Razer Blade in Pakistan is Rs. 554,500 and estimated average price is Rs. 579,749.


Among the top laptops one can buy, the Razer Blade series is specifically designed for gaming. The internal components are added from the best available, making for powerful laptops that can handle heavy gaming and other tasks that require more power. Given this the price of Razer Blade laptops is high.


Razer the brand

A hardware manufacturer that specialises in gaming machines, Razer is known for having made some of the most successful gaming laptops. Aside from this, the brand is also an e-sports and financial service provider. Their products are often named after poisonous or predatory animals including snakes, insects, arachnids, marine creatures and felines. The exceptions are Razor Blade and Razer Edge, these are named after balded objects.

Razer Blade

The Razer Blade line is like a MacBook for gamers. These machines are powerful and well designed with sleek looks. There are a few different versions including the simple Razer Blade, the Razer Blade Pro, the Razer Blade Stealth and the Razer Blade Studio Edition.

The differences in size are less, more of the differences are between the specs. The general RAM is at 16GB with only the Studio Edition at 32GB. This machine is specifically for people who have heavy editing work that they will need more power for. For space, Razer incorporates SSDs that have the PCIe NVMe protocols that are the fastest currently available. The GPUs are always high-end Nvidia modules that are powerful enough to handle the latest games and other graphics-heavy tasks.

The other main component, the processor, is from Intel. Depending on the model it makes use of the latest possible versions. This gives it a much-needed power edge when running games. These newer models also have way better battery management so the laptop can last a good while.

The displays are all FulHD with some that are even higher specs at 4K, with OLED screens. The refresh rates of their displays are also high so the visuals are a lot more smooth than most other available laptops. Starting at 120Hz, on to 240Hz and possibly up to 300Hz depending on the model. Back-lit keyboards are also a common feature as many gamers sit in low-light environments and it is easier to find the keys in such situations. The porting options, unlike a MacBook, are plenty so one can connect all the peripherals they need.

The one complaint people do have at times is that these machines run hot over extended usage. So having a cooling pad may be a good idea.


Razer Blade laptops are the most cutting edge in the gaming arena. The price is just as high too, with even base models costing more than some of the high-end laptops from other brands. Most of the laptops from this range are in black, with some options is a whiteish-grey.

The general reviews for Razer Blade machines is good. With a long life and a good retention of performance over time.

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Model Price
Razer Blade 15" Gaming Laptop - 8th Gen Intel Cor… Rs. 604,999
Razer Blade 15 Advanced Edition Gaming Laptop Rs. 554,500
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