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The best price of Royal Mirage Perfume in Pakistan is Rs. 349 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,545.


Royal Mirage provides high-end scents at competitive prices. With a wide range to chose from, giving you the option to pick something that suits your persona.


The Royal Mirage brand

A fragrance brand that has been in the business since the fall of 1980. Initially launching with the now iconic 'Royal Mirage Original'. This same scent had 4 versions, then later in the 2000s, the brand launched 9 more fragrances. The range has been expanded a lot further, with plans to keep growing the catalogue. Royal Mirage also has talcum powders, body sprays, roll-ons and soaps aside from the main perfume segment.

The range of Royal Mirage

Royal Mirage has a number of lines that have a range of variation within. The lines include 'Classic', 'Club', 'Crystalline' and 'Floral'. Within these lines, there are scents that would fit anyone, from musky to fresh. There is something for men and women, both. The Classics line consists of variations of the original Roayl Mirage scent.

Available at a lower end range on the price point scale.

Price List

Model Price
Royal Mirage Rs. 600
Royal Mirage Sport Perfume for Men & Women - 120ml Rs. 2,180
Royal Mirage Sport Perfume for Men & Women - 120ml Rs. 2,507
Royal Mirage B/Spray Jasmine Rs. 561
Royal Mirage Brown Perfume For Men 120ML Rs. 1,999
ROYAL MIRAGE Eau de Cologne Spray for Both - 120 … Rs. 2,180
Royal Mirage Sport Eau De Cologne Spray 120ml Rs. 2,350
Roayl_Mirage Perfume 100 ml Pack OF 2 Rs. 649
Royal Mirage Rs. 600
Original Royal Mirage Sport Perfume 120Ml Rs. 1,490
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