Russell Hobbs Chopper Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Russell Hobbs Chopper in Pakistan is Rs. 6,070 and estimated average price is Rs. 7,506.


If you are looking for something to help you make dips and sauces or even a smoothie, the Russell Hobbs Choppers are a good option. A quality brand that has well-made products with good design as well.


With a Russell Hobbs Chopper, you can prepare sauces and dips very easily and quickly as well.

The design is for smaller quantities and could also work for a smoothie. The Russell Hobbs Chopperc can crush ice for you as well, so a smoothie can be made. The non-grip base can also work as a lid so you can shit the choppers container and store it in the fridge.

If you run it in milder bursts, you could use Russell Hobbs Choppers to chop up ingredients without making them puree as well. A small spot shape allows for easy pouring.

Russell Hobbs products are well designed and also simple to use.

Price List

Model Price
Russell Hobbs 24661 Mini Chopper Rs. 7,480
Russell Hobbs 20320-56 Desire Mini Chopper Rs. 6,070
Russell Hobbs 24661 Mini Chopper Rs. 8,980
Russell Hobbs 21510-56 Aura Chopper & Blender Rs. 6,610
Russell Hobbs 21510-56 Aura Chopper & Blender Rs. 7,930
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