Samsung Ac Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Samsung Ac in Pakistan is Rs. 57,000 and estimated average price is Rs. 164,303.


The cold harsh winters and scorchingly hot summers in Pakistan demand for an all-in-one air conditioner that meets all the cooling and heating requirements of the users. Samsung ACs provide the best solution for the extreme weather in our country with its wide range of quality air conditioners that support both cooling and heating functions. Samsung ACs are available at premium prices in Pakistan.


Types & Main Features

Available in Wall-Mounted, Medium Static Duct and 4-way Cassette Designs, the Samsung ACs are built to meet the needs of every household as well as large workplaces.

Full High-Density Filter

The advanced Full High-Density Filter incorporated into these ACs keep your room fresh and clean. The filter transforms contaminated air into clean energized air by removing even the smallest microscopic dust particles present in the surroundings.

Good Sleep Feature

Samsung ACs also include Good Sleep feature that creates an ideal and comfortable climate in your bedroom so that you can sleep peacefully through the night, hitting all three vital stages of your sleep, without having to wake up to adjust the temperature again and again. The Good Sleep feature automatically adjusts the moisture level, eliminating humidity from the room as well as saving up to 36% energy consumption.

Auto-Clean Feature

These machines also come with the Auto-Clean feature that automatically cleans and prevents bacteria and germs from spreading. 

WIFI Connectivity

Some of the models of Samsung ACs are fully equipped with WIFI connectivity that lets you remotely control your AC from your smartphone. All you need is a Smart Home App installed on your smartphone and you are good to go. This feature allows for remote monitoring and controlling of power used by your Samsung AC.

Air Filter Placement

In the latest models, the air filters are placed on the outside of the AC for convenient removal and cleaning, without having to open the cover.

Triple Protector Plus Technology

They are packed with the Triple Protector Plus technology that keeps the machines functioning even in the most challenging environments. They prevent overloads, without the need of a separate stabilizer and also come with an anti-corrosion coating.


These ACs are built to endure all types of harsh weather conditions, giving the users extreme comfort at all times.

Price List

Model Price
Samsung Wind Free 1.5 Ton Inverter AC AR18TSFCEWK… Rs. 326,000
AS12UGBN Samsung Split Type AC (Cool Only Ac) 1To… Rs. 129,000
Samsung Inverter Split Air Conditioner Heat & Coo… Rs. 221,234
Samsung AR5500M Wall-Mount AC With Fast Cooling 2… Rs. 251,997
Samsung 24tshzg wall mount Inverter AC Rs. 285,000
18KCFNFWKY Samsung 1.5 Ton Split Cool Only White Rs. 169,900
Kenwood 4.0 Ton eImperial Floor Standing AC (KEI4… Rs. 175,999
Samsung AR18KSFSFWK2PM 1.5 Ton Air Conditioner (W… Rs. 366,797
Daikin 2.0 Ton Wall Mounted Series AC (FT25JXV1P) Rs. 162,999
Samsung AR5500M Wall-Mount 2018 12000 BTU/H Rs. 251,997
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