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The best price of Samsung Home Theater in Pakistan is Rs. 120,000 and estimated average price is Rs. 144,999.


Among the many products Samsung produces are home theatre systems. With many different models, the features vary a little. Most of their systems are a 5.1 speaker setup. The basic purpose being to create a surround sound environment for one's TV time. The quality is at par with their other products but in a more accessible mid-range of pricing.


Tech giant

Samsung is one of the largest tech corporations in the world. Based out of South Korea, it is the main company that runs their economy. A frenemy of Apple, they have tried to sue each other multiple times over the decades and yet do millions of dollars of business together. Aside from the finished products Samsung is placing in the market they have a host of internal components that they produce. Even their own products have a mix of components, some theirs and others produced by outside companies. Their own products include smartphones, laptops, TVs and many others; including home theatre systems.

Samsung Home Theatre

With products that are from a high-quality standard, Samsung has well thought out designs and functionality. Their home theatre systems have multiple options, one can choose the system that suits their needs better. The stylisation is edgy and modern, mostly in black. The systems looks sleek and add to one's space.

Design and features

Among the more common design form, they include slim tower-like speakers as the main source of sound. With some models, there are 4 of these and one smaller speaker that goes under the TV. Other models have two of these speakers, two smaller ones and then the smallest on for under the TV. All models have a subwoofer, so users can feel the low-end frequencies. The 5.1 speaker setup is so one can spread them out around the TV room so the experience is a true surround sound feel. This makes one's movies more full, with a better soundscape.

Samsung also includes a main console that the speakers are connected to, this console is the base. It connects to the TV, the speakers and the subwoofer. Certain models have a Blu-ray disc slot in case one has movies on such a disc. The inputs include options for UBS and AUX, the variety helps in case on has different devices. With the ability to play your movies directly of off a USB drive too. Certain models of Samsung home theatre systems also have Bluetooth functionality, in case on wants to connect their iPod or smartphone to play music from. If one wants to tune into the radio, Samsung has also included that functionality into their home theatre systems.


Samsung home theatre systems connect to the TV via an HDMI cable, providing crisp audio and HD visuals. The overall sound quality is good and one has the ability to set different modes for movies or music. The main console also has the option to set equalization manually to sculpt the sound how you would like. One of the other features possible is an option for karaoke, adding a lot more entertainment value to it. As far as home theatre systems go, Samsung has priced them at a mid-range. 

Price List

Model Price
Samsung 3.1.2 Ch Bluetooth Soundbar With Subwoofe… Rs. 120,000
Samsung Q70T 3.1.2 Channel Home Theater Cinema Pa… Rs. 169,999
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