Audionic Home Theater Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Audionic Home Theater in Pakistan is Rs. 8,800 and estimated average price is Rs. 21,511.


For home theatre enthusiasts, Audionic has multi-channel speakers to offer. They provide HDMI sound, optical input and NFC connectivity so you can have an everlasting listening experience. The home theatre speaker line by Audionic features 1.0 channel, 2.0 channel, 2.1 channel, 4.1 channel and 5.1 channel speakers. You can find Audionic home theater speakers at different but affordable prices in Pakistan.


The past few years have seen the fast increase in the trend of owning large LED TVs and fancy hi-fi sound systems. The huge LED TVs come with a basic set of in-built speakers that produce mediocre level audio, much to the dismay of users who prefer loud and excellent sound quality reverbing out of their TVs and sound systems. TVs also lack peripherals like DVD players etc, so to make your LED project better sound or to play DVDs and other media on your tv through an optical device, home theatre systems were invented. 

Design & Main Features

Exhibiting robust frame and stylish designs, home theatre speakers by Audionic are not just aesthetically pleasing but also offer a wide variety of features for an amazing listening experience. Integrated with multi-functional technology, Audionic home theater speakers are high functioning audio devices and some of them are also equipped with Bluetooth connectivity. You can pair your Bluetooth enabled devices with these speakers and control them with a simple functioning remote control.

Pace 3 Ultra

Pace 3 Ultra is a 5.1 channel system that has one extra "central" speaker for an amazing surround sound cinematic experience. Flexible and highly equipped devices, these speakers allow for multiple connectivities such as HDMI ports, Micro SD card port, AUX port, Bluetooth and NFC. Since DVDs are often recorded in 5.1 audio encoding technologies, the Pace 3 Ultra is sure to give you the best and an engulfing surround sound experience that one gets in the cinemas!

Reborn RB-120

Called the Quad bars, this 4.1 channel Audionic home theatre comes with 4 powerful speakers and a subwoofer. Equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, it is easily paired with any Bluetooth enabled device such as smartphones, laptops, TV etc. 

MAX 550 Plus

This 2.1 channel features 2 standing bar speakers and a subwoofer, which is added to give the sound an impeccable base and to deliver a party-like feel. These speakers also feature a fusion colourful light display that adds to the beauty of the equipment, making it the perfect choice for movie nights and dance parties in a small space. 


It is a 2.0 channel speaker system. They are designed to deliver durability and outstanding audio performance with a set of two high-quality speakers but without a subwoofer.

Wood Beats 12

These 1.0 channel Audionic home theater speakers are specially engineered for party lovers. These portable big sized speakers are perfect for large parties in the backyard and are fully equipped to deliver a good-quality highly audible sound. They can be placed anywhere in or outside the house as their compact design makes them pretty easy to move around.

Price List

Model Price
Audionic Classic 1 Plus Tower Speakers Rs. 8,800
Audionic MEGA 60 Computer/Laptop/Bluetooth Speake… Rs. 14,349
Audionic RB-101 Reborn Home Theater Rs. 27,000
Audionic RB-110 Reborn Home Theater System Rs. 31,080
Audionic RB-110 Reborn Home Theater System Rs. 31,080
Audionic Mega 100 Advance Computer/laptop/bluetoo… Rs. 14,349
Audionic Cooper 5 (Brilliant Black) Bt- Home Thea… Rs. 11,300
Audionic Classic 1 Plus Tower Speakers Rs. 8,800
Audionic MEGA 60 Computer/Laptop/Bluetooth Speake… Rs. 14,349
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