Sheaffer Pen Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Sheaffer Pen in Pakistan is Rs. 2,300 and estimated average price is Rs. 8,473.


A brand known for its quality writing instruments. Sheaffer has options for fountain pens, ballpoint and rollerball pens. Which one chooses is a matter of what they need a pen for and also the budget they have in mind.


Sheaffer Pen Corporation

A brand recognizable by the white dot on the pen clip, a feature most Sheaffer pens have incorporated into them. Started by Walter A. Sheaffer in 1913; the brand was a success based around their refilling technology. It was the lever-filling invention that allowed the Sheaffer Pen Corporation to grow. 

Today the brand is owned by the A.T. Cross Company, one of the oldest producers of pens in the world, known more commonly as just Cross. 

Sheaffer Pens

Sheaffer has multiple options which include fountain pens, ballpoints and rollerball pens.

The fountain pen range is very extensive, with a lot of styles available to choose from. There are options that make use of a refilling mechanism and also pens that accept ink cartridges. The designs of Sheaffer pens is modern yet retains some of the classic elements. One can find fine nibs as well as wider ones for more stylised writing or calligraphy.

Sheaffer also has many options when it comes to ballpoints and rollerball pens. A lot of times the designs from the fountain pens is used with the writing technology itself being changed. 

The brand also has some collaborations with other well-known brands and pop culture icons. These include Ferrari and Star Wars. This allows the brand to use their logos and design elements for their own pens; adding another layer to the product.


Sheaffer pens are high-quality instruments. The prices vary depending on what kind of pen one chooses and also the specific model. So you could find a cheap fountain pen, but at the same time, Sheaffer also has expensive pens.

Price List

Model Price
Sheaffer Gift Collection 500: 9337 Translucent B… Rs. 4,850
Sheaffer VFM 9405 Matt Black Ballpoint Pen Rs. 3,600
Sheaffer Intensity 9234 Carbon Fiber Ballpoint Pen Rs. 10,550
Sheaffer Taranis: 9446 Metallic Green Chrome Pla… Rs. 8,100
Sheaffer Prelude 9144-2 GB Laq Gunmetel Ballpoint… Rs. 13,520
Sheaffer Calligraphy Fountain Pen And Cartridge Rs. 4,700
Sheaffer Prelude Collection: 9164 Black Lacquer C… Rs. 10,150
Sheaffer Gift Collection 300 – 9310 Iridescent B… Rs. 4,750
Sheaffer Sagaris 9475 – Black Barrel and Chrome C… Rs. 13,300
Sheaffer Sagaris: 9474 – Fluted Gold Tone Cap & B… Rs. 12,150
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