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The best price of Silver Jewellery in Pakistan is Rs. 149 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,931.


In Pakistan, silver ornaments are worn by both men and women and are liked for the shiny appearance. Though anyone can wear silver, it looks the best on people with neutral or cooler skin tones. Check out silver jewellery prices in Pakistan and read on for more information.


Silver is a precious metal that has been used in jewellery making for centuries. Today, silver jewelry refers to any ornament that is silver in colour and does not necessarily have to be made out of silver metal. 

Sterling Silver Vs Pure Silver

Pure silver is expensive as it does not contain any other metals. It is also not ideal for jewellery as it is soft and pliable and cannot withstand the daily wear and tear. A more commonly used type for jewellery making is Sterling silver, that is an alloy of silver and copper, so it is a much more affordable and durable option than pure silver. Even more affordable options include jewellery made out of silver metals. Jewellery for men and women differ in colour, design, size and vibrance. While men choose simpler designs that exude masculinity, women have a wide variety of options to choose from. 

Silver Jewellery for Women

Silver is sparkly and can be made to replicate diamond jewellery any time. Moissanites and cubic zirconia or dazzling diamontes are embedded in silver or platinum to look like diamond necklaces. For a complete set, a beautiful silver pendant necklace with matching earrings, bracelet and rings would make a perfect buy. The necklace can be plain, textured, have metal florets or studded with diamonds, gold beads, pearls, rhinestones and other precious gemstones etc. Platinum-plated silver bracelets or necklaces for women are highly sought after as they make the jewellery more durable and tarnish resistant. 

Silver Jewellery for Men

Some Pakistani men like to wear silver rings with precious gemstones settings. Most of these stones are rare and are known to possess positive energy that gets transferred to the wearer. Silver cufflinks and tie clip for men are mostly available in sets. The cufflinks are worn by Pakistani men on shalwar kameez as well as formal menswear. They can be plain, textured, embossed or studded with gemstones etc. Silver earrings, watches, chains, pendants and bracelets are some of the silver adornments most common amongst men these days. The bracelets can be studded or plain and can have spiritual emblems etc. 

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Choker Necklace Set (Silver) (ZV:2987) Rs. 1,190
Necklace Set (Silver) (ZV:3098) Rs. 890
Chocker Necklace Set (Silver) (ZV:2833) Rs. 1,190
Necklace Set (Silver) (ZV:3106) Rs. 890
Trendy Sterling Silver 925 Zircon Ring for women/… Rs. 1,950
JEWELLERY : Silver Natural Black Ring RG-21 Rs. 2,499
925 Silver Jewelry Clover Pendant Necklace For Wo… Rs. 1,999
Oxidized Choker Set-16 Silver (Naurateen) Rs. 1,199
Red - Silver Rodium - Long Chain Pandent Rs. 999
Elegant Natural Breeze Earrings (Silver) Rs. 1,000
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