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The best price of Stage Lights in Pakistan is Rs. 69,999 and estimated average price is Rs. 108,169.


The term stage lights refers to various kinds of lights that one can use for the production of shows such as plays and concerts. There a few different basic types that have a different kind of effect due to this most shows combine different lights to create an overall effect as they need. The price of stage lights depends on the specific type and brand. Prices range from the affordable end all the way to being very expensive.


Stage Lights

Stage lights refer to a broad range of lighting solutions that are used on various kinds of stages that host shows such as concerts or plays. The combination of these different lights allows lighting technicians to create the needed effects for a show.

Types of stage lights

The different kinds of stage lights include PAR cans, strip lights, scoop lights, spotlights, ellipsoidal reflector spotlight, follow spots and moving heads. PAR cans are a shortened form of Parabolic Aluminized Reflector cans; the 'cans' in the name refers to the shape of the light's casing itself. These are similar to floodlights and are powerful enough to light up a large area.

Today one can find PAR cans with LEDs instead of the older halogen or incandescent lamps. The beam with some PAR cans can be shaped a bit as it has blinder-like pieces on the front end which can be moved to constrict the light. Older lamps need gel-paper for colour, but the LED variants have the ability to hypothetically recreate any colour needed.

Strip lights are used to light up the background. As the name suggests these are longer and produce light perpendicularly to their shape, spreading it along the strip. For a flooded light feel one can use scoop lights, these do not have a lens and are also cheaper due to the simple components. Scoop lights can have gel-paper on them if colour is needed.

Fixed spotlights are used on stage if the person's position is predecided. For instance, if a character has a monologue in a specific position, the other lights can be dimmed and they will be under a spotlight with the whole audience focused on them.

A more flexible light option is the ellipsoidal reflector spotlight as it has the ability to shape the light more specifically. This helps avoid parts that one does not want lit from a specific angle. It also has interchangeable lenses and has inserts for gobos which are stencil-like cut-outs that can project a pattern. 

The follow spot is a spotlight that is manually or digitally moved, depending on the specific model. These are the one's often used for the bride's entry at weddings in Pakistan. The lamp inside is mostly a very powerful xenon arc lamp. These tend to have inbuilt colour gels so one can change the colour of the spot.

Moving heads are a more high-tech option. These can be set to play out a certain pattern as they have motors inside. The characteristics and colours of the beam can be changed, along with zoom functions; adding a lot of diversity. If a whole line of them is set up they can do synchronised movements in combination with a controller. This kind of controller is called a DMX and there are many different kinds of these controllers. A DMX controller can control other lights mentioned above too, such as the LED PAR cans.


There are other specialised stage lights as well, but the ones detailed here are the more commonly used due to their effectiveness.

One can choose what stage lights they need based on their production needs. Combining various ones is the best way to add diversity to your show as lights are purpose-specific. Also, as one can control different lights separately it is similar to a synchronised dance if done well.

The price of stage lights varies depending on the type and brand. The less complex it is the cheaper it will be, which is why prices range from the mid all the way to the top end.

Price List

Model Price
Bosch DINION IP Starlight 7000 720p Hybrid Box Ca… Rs. 116,049
Bosch FLEXIDOME IP starlight 7000 HD Camera (NDN-… Rs. 136,649
Apple Watch Series SE 44mm GPS Gold Aluminum Case… Rs. 76,999
Bosch DINION IP Starlight 7000 HD Box Camera (NBN… Rs. 96,849
Apple Watch Series 7 (45mm, GPS, Starlight) Rs. 98,999
Bosch FLEXIDOME IP Starlight 6000 VR 720p Camera … Rs. 111,049
Apple Watch Series 7 - 41mm Starlight Aluminum Ca… Rs. 89,900
Bosch FLEXIDOME Starlight 7000 VR 720p Surface Mo… Rs. 135,849
Bosch FLEXIDOME Starlight 720p60 IP Camera with 3… Rs. 111,049
Apple Watch Series 8 – 45mm Sport Band with Alumi… Rs. 114,999
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