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The best price of Tea Pot in Pakistan is Rs. 400 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,856.


From breakfast, brunch and evening tea to parties, weddings and wake ceremonies, tea is an essential item at homes and offices. In Pakistan, tea is not only consumed as a refreshment but is an integral part of everyday life and also considered a comfort beverage. When served in sophisticated looking crockery or tea sets, it adds charm to the way you serve your guests. Check out tea pot prices in Pakistan and continue reading for more information.


Tea is consumed at homes in casual settings and is served to guests. Homemakers take pride in serving freshly brewed tea in sophisticated looking tea pots and tea sets. The tea is served with complimentary eatables and presented on a tea trolley. Using fine crockery is used that looks sophisticated and hospitable. A beautifully designed teapot adds to the beauty of the serving trolley and keeps your tea warm for a longer duration. It also helps in steeping tea leaves for making infused teas.

Tea Pot in Pakistani Households

Though the teapot culture is slowly fading away, it is popularly used for traditional drinking ceremony of infused teas. Most Pakistani households use tea sets that include all accessories and crockery that are required for serving tea.

Tea Pot Designs

They come in many designs, sizes, materials and colours. You can buy them in individual pieces or buy a whole tea set that includes matching cups, saucers, milk pot, creamer and sugar pot. In some cases, the sets may also include matching dessert plates or bowls etc. The teapots can be plain, printed or come with gold and metal accents. 

Tea Cosy & Teapots

Till the 90s, Pakistanis were fond of using teapots with intricately designed tea cosies or tea warmers. They were plain or heavily embellished with mirror work or traditional Pakistani embroidery techniques. It was considered a sophisticated and formal way to serve guests with teapot covered in a warm tea cosy. The most preferred material was knitted woollen, crocheted or velvet with silken inner lining and foam stuffing that would keep the tea warm for hours.

Price List

Model Price
High Borosilicate Teapot – 1000ml - Premier Home-… Rs. 3,350
Simax Glass Teapot Kettle With Glass Infuser - 1.… Rs. 3,699
White Enamel Teapot - 900ml -Premier Home - SKU-0… Rs. 2,751
Stainless Steel Teapot - 500ml -Premier Home - SK… Rs. 1,929
Tea Pot Porcelain Red Rs. 5,350
Spotty Deer Design Ceramic Tea Pot Set 3- PCS Rs. 4,488
Stainless Steel Tea Kettle Rs. 2,460
Camri Tea Pot 750 ML Rs. 1,960
Arshia 3.2 Liter Stainless Steel Whisthabing Tea … Rs. 4,500
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