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The best price of Vatika Hair Oil in Pakistan is Rs. 151 and estimated average price is Rs. 299.


A hair care product from Dabur. The Vatika Hair Oil range has a few different options one can choose from based on what oil suit their hair. The price of the Vatika Hair Oils is affordable.



Dabur is a multinational brand that has various holistic products such as oils and herbal medicines. In Pakistan, Dabur is registered under the Asian Consumer Care Pakistan Limited and products are brought in through an official dealership by this way.

Founded in 1884 by S. K. Burman who was an Ayurvedic healer and used his knowledge to create the brand. This allowed him to produce his formulations at a large scale. Generations in, it is still a family-owned endeavour but has professionals running the business end of things.

Aside from the Vatika Hair Oils, another well-known product of Dabur is Hajmola; the digestive aid.

Vatika Hair Oils

One of the product lines from Dabur is Vatika Hair Oils. It includes oil from olives, mustard seed, coconut, almonds, argan, garlic, kalonji, shikakai, and cactus.

The various types of oils from Vatika are further enriched by adding nutritional extracts from other oils and herbs. For instance, the garlic oil has extracts from lemon and rosemary. Each different oil has its own such formulation, this helps it perform better and have a better overall effect on hair.

Vatika Hair Oils are known to help with hair fall, dandruff and scalp health. The effects can be seen after about four weeks of use; as claimed by the brand.

The oils are not too greasy and are mixed to be lighter, making it easier to get them out with shampooing. Application is easy, one has to put a small amount on their scalp and massage it in for about 15 to 20 minutes. After which one can wash it; some people do leave oil in for a lot longer but this varies. One can decide how long to leave it in depending on what works for them.

Vatika Hair Oils have scent added into them as well, which some people may find a bit too sweet.


As with most herbal-based aids, Vatika Hair Oil needs to be used regularly for it to do its work. It is not a one time fix, but something that has to be made part of your lifestyle.

These oils from Vatika are available for relatively nominal prices. The prices vary a bit based on what the oil is extracted from. The bottle sizes available range from 100ml to 250ml.

Price List

Model Price
Vatika Almond Enriched Hair Oil Softness & Shine … Rs. 290
Vatika CACTUS Hair Oil For Good Hairs Health (10… Rs. 180
Vatika Coconut Hair Oil 100ml Rs. 199
Vatika Hair Oil Gold Bottle Rs. 255
Vatika Hair Oil Coconut 125Ml Rs. 305
Vatika Coconut Enriched Hair Oil (200ml) Rs. 255
Vatika Coconut Hair Oil 100 ml Rs. 189
Dabur Vatika Hair Oil Black Seed Rs. 460
Dabur Vatika Hair Oil Cactus Rs. 380
Dabur Vatika Hair Oil Enriched Moroccan Argan Rs. 365
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