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The best price of Wall Clock in Pakistan is Rs. 1,400 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,681.


Wall clocks have been a part of homes and offices for decades, even today with everyone using their phone to check the time they are still present. A great addition to an office or home, with functional value plus aesthetic intent.


The progression of wall clocks

Remenants of an older time as nearly everyone carries a phone or has a wristwatch today, still there is something about a wall clock that cannot be replaced. More in use in public spaces and offices today wall clocks come in so many designs that it would be near impossible to count.

Based on technologies that seem simple today the most basic wall clock started with a pendulum that would swing back and forth to maintain seconds that kept the rest of the time slots on time. The spring-loaded pendulum would need to be wound every so many weeks or months for it to be accurate and keep going. After which there were wall clocks that work based on pre-calculated angles that the hands move along on the face of the clock. The face is usually a flat disc with the time slotted into seconds, minutes and hours, with numbers representing the hour. Clocks now mostly have 3 hands representing these iterations of time, the seconds hand and minutes hand are usually the same length but the seconds hand is a lot slimmer. The hour hand is the shortest one out of the three. These clocks are battery-powered.

Digital clocks were the next step these housed a small quartz crystal that produces vibrational frequency when electricity passes through it, this frequency is stable and is measured to keep time. The displays on digital clocks are usually LCD based with numbers that keep turning over as time passes, there are some which use small LED lights which are great for visibility so larger public spaces use these allowing everyone to see the time clearer. Digital wall clocks also require a battery to run them and if the battery is dying out it can also fall out of pace showing the incorrect time and eventually not being able to tick along.

A simple yet effective feature

In case one isn't actually looking at a clock some wall clocks produce sounds as well maybe in the form of a bell or a beep to let you know an hour has passed. This works well in offices or just generally if one needed to keep track of time as a background task while doing something else.

Design variations for everyone

Wall clocks are available with designs ranging from things that kids would like as they have superheroes on them to wooden ones that would look lovely in a study or office. It is common to find them made from plastic, metal or wood. Giving you more than enough choices to pick something you like and that fits your space!

Price List

Model Price
Number Cut Acrylic Wallclock -Black (New arrival) Rs. 1,649
Modren Acrylic DIY Wall Clock For Decorating Your… Rs. 1,550
3D Acrylic Letters Wall Clock - Black Rs. 1,600
Kids Special STaRy Edition Acrylic Wallclock Rs. 1,649
Peacock wall clock. room clock, beautiful clock Rs. 1,599
Floral – Wall Clock Rs. 1,699
All Men Must Die – Wall Clock Rs. 1,699
Punisher – Wall Clock Rs. 1,699
Rubian Swirl Wall Clock - Black Rs. 1,649
Property Of The Night’s Watch – Wall Clock Rs. 1,699
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