West Point Insect Killer Price in Pakistan

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The best price of West Point Insect Killer in Pakistan is Rs. 8,122 and estimated average price is Rs. 10,604.


West Point produces electronic insect killers that zap bugs that fly into it. This helps to keep your space free of insects. An affordable product that is more often used outdoors but is also used indoors.

Pros & Cons


  • Could spread germs


Electronic insect killers are made by many brands, including West Point.

West Point insect killers like others, come with UV lights in the centre that attract insects and a mesh around it that is electrocuted. As soon as the insect comes in contact with the cage it gets zapped.

These insect killers can be used outdoors and indoors as well. There is some research that suggests they are not a particularly healthy option as when the bug dies some germs get sent out into the surroundings. This can be an issue, especially around places where people eat.

In certain areas, it may not be a good idea to use an insect killer if there are honey bees nearby. This could damage the ecosystem a lot and cause other issues.

The price of a West Point insect killer is in an affordable range, even though most are the larger sized ones.

Price List

Model Price
WestPoint Insect Killer WF7110 Rs. 13,000
Westpoint Insect Killer 7112 Rs. 12,319
West Point Deluxe Insect Killer, WF-7115 Rs. 13,200
WESTPOINT Insect Killer WF-7108 Rs. 8,800
WF-7112 West Point Insect Killer (30Watt) Rs. 10,290
West Point Insect Killer WF-7112 Rs. 11,000
Westpoint WF-7110 Insect Killer Rs. 12,000
Westpoint Insect Killer (WF-7112) Rs. 9,616
WF-7115 Westpoint Insect Killer (20×2=40Watt) Sil… Rs. 11,999
Westpoint WF-7108 Insect Killer Rs. 10,560
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