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The best price of Westpoint in Pakistan is Rs. 4,680 and estimated average price is Rs. 10,939.


Westpoint ensures its clients that the best quality checks and adherence to safety compliance are according to international regulations. Their manufacturing practices are environmentally friends and promote green living. They have over 250 products that ensure improvement in living standards at home. These products can help reduce cooking preparation time and help increase convenience for all family members of the household. Some products can be used by the whole family, men and women.


Cooking Appliances 

Having the right utensil and appliance can make cooking satisfying and efficient experiences. Without wasting precious time that can be spent with the family or working, cooking becomes a simple task with the right purchase for your kitchen. Westpoint offers convenient upgrades that will make it easy to prepare all your favourite dishes and snacks. 

Use an Air Fryer to save calories by not needing to use excess oil or a Deep Fryer if you crave snacks like chips, samosas and pakoras without wasting any oil. The Egg Boiler will make sure you have the perfect breakfast daily. There are advanced Food Factories by Westpoint that include high-quality stainless steel blades and grinders. 

The Hot Plate can be bought as a standalone product or combined with an oven toaster that can prepare a variety of meals and heat food quickly. The Westpoint Kitchen Chef, Oven and Microwaves are reliable and dependable addition to your kitchen. The Pizza Maker and Rice Cooker will be able to do all the work for you with a simple push of a button with time-controlled cooking. 

Kitchen Solutions 

Having the right tools such as Dough, Roti, Sandwich, Coffee and Waffle Maker can help keep the kitchen clutter-free and clean. Saving you money and time, these devices are designed with the purpose to make things easier for adults. With these makers, preparing meals for children becomes easy and convenient. Preparing school lunches and party snacks for a large group of people will feel easy and fun. 

The Mincer and Manual Choppers are ideal for preparing ingredients for cooking Pakistani cuisines. There are many kinds of Juicer Blender Dry-Mill, Hand Blender, Hand Mixer, Grinders and Kettles available to ensure that your kitchen as everything it needs to serve the family with tasty delights throughout the year. 

Home Improvements 

The home needs devices to keep it running smoothly for the family. There are cleaning and washing appliances by Westpoint that will take care of essential home care for the whole family. The Bath Scales help to keep track of your weight and help with measuring the weight of luggage when travelling. There are a variety of ironing products that include a Garment Steamer making it easy to maintain clothing. There are small to large Vacuum Cleaners and Washing Machines available as well. The cooling solutions include Fans for the hot summer weather and heaters for the winter season. Westpoint also sells Insect Killers that help keep the home safe and protected from mosquitoes. 

Personal Care  

Westpoint has a variety of personal care products including a Facial Steamer for cleansing deeply settled toxins that improved the skin and can be used during flu or cough to soothe symptoms. It also has an essential Foot Massager for those who spent most of their day standing or walking. The Hair Care Set includes Hair Dryer and Straightener for women and men that are available in an affordable price range. 

Price List

Model Price
Blender and Grinder 3... Rs. 16,020
Westpoint 1859 Food Processor Rs. 11,686
Westpoint WF-6177 Electric Kettle 1.7Ltr Rs. 7,760
Westpoint Rs. 7,250
Westpoint Hard Fruit Juicer – WF-2405 – Karachi O… Rs. 8,317
Westpoint Rs. 17,700
Westpoint WF-4961 – Chopper Blender – Black – Kar… Rs. 11,825
Westpoint Rs. 12,500
WESTPOINT Kitchen Robot WF-4971 Rs. 10,200
Westpoint 9 In 1 Food Processor WF-3804 Black Rs. 16,800
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