Westpoint Deep Fryer Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Westpoint Deep Fryer in Pakistan is Rs. 8,070 and estimated average price is Rs. 9,455.


The Westpoint Deep Fryer is a simple and convenient kitchen assistant that will provide safe and quick frying. Seen commonly in restaurants and is used by commercial food stalls in public. It can be a great addition to your home kitchen offering safe and economical deep frying of french fries, springs rolls, samosas and other tasty food items.


Key Features

It will help prevent unwanted oil splatter and mess while maintaining high temperatures for deep frying all your favourite snacks and foods. It does not need any expertise and is completely safe to handle by amateur home cooks. The large container used for holding the hot oil is 2.5 litres and has an effective charcoal filter that removes any unpleasant odours from the cooking process. The container is made with a fixed non-stick coating that ensures that no food items will get stuck or damaged during deep frying.

The Westpoint Deep Fryer has a high quality plastic outer shell that is cool to touch ensuring you almost never burn your fingers when operating the machine. There is a detachable top lid to make it easier to carefully place food into the hot oil. The top lid has a glass window to monitor the cooking of the food.


There is a power indicator light that shows the device is connected and ready to be used. The adjustable thermostat control will set the heat according to your requirement. There is a foldable frying basket handle for precise control over the frying process. For further safety and prevention of injury, the lid has a locking system that can prevent any spills if accidentally dropped. There is an adjustable safety rise level setting to place the frying basket above the oil to remove the excess.


Power 1800 Watts 220V 240V – 50Hz

Price List

Model Price
Westpoint WF-5237 Electric Deep Fryer Rs. 8,930
Westpoint WF-5239 Electric Deep Fryer Rs. 9,880
Westpoint WF-5236 Electric Deep Fryer Rs. 8,070
Westpoint WF-5236 Electric Deep Fryer Rs. 8,070
Westpoint WF-5237 Electric Deep Fryer Rs. 10,009
Westpoint WF-5237 – Deluxe Deep Fryer – White – K… Rs. 9,616
Westpoint WF-5234 Deluxe Deep Fryer Rs. 9,770
WestPoint Deep Fryer Model No. 5234 Rs. 9,900
WESTPOINT Deep Fryer WF-5237 Rs. 8,846
Westpoint WF-5239 Electric Deep Fryer Rs. 9,880
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